NASSCOM shill and unregistered foregin agent Vivek Wadhwa (better known simply as Fraudhwa) is pushing for more immigration, claiming it’s what made America great.

If that’s the case, then why is China rocketing ahead of us now, Fraudhwa?

You’ve been telling us immigration is good for America for 23 years, and the more we keep doing it, the more we fall behind.

Of course US population is dropping – Americans can’t have jobs to pay for families, thanks to India Inc invasion and displacement of our people.

Displaced Americans can’t have kids if India Inc H-1B invaders keep displacing them out of jobs.

The more we import Indians + Chinese, they more they steal our companies + industries.

It’s that simple.

The DOJ must arrest Fraudhwa now under FARA laws because he’s an agent of the Modi gov’t of India.



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