Here's what Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wants you to learn from PM Narendra  Modi about social media - The Financial Express

Facebook, which was caught denying interviews to American job applicants has 1000’s of H-1B workers – many of them Engineering Managers making $250K/year.

And 1000s and 1000s of ordinary software engineers – all paid in the low-mid $100K range – about what they were paid in the late 90’s. That means Facebook is manipulating wages. Those salaries should be approx. 40% higher today adjusted for inflation.

With tens of millions of Americans still out of work, Facebook is a gross, if not criminal H-1B violator.

No wonder the DOJ is after them for fraud and labor violations.

How many H-1B’s does Facebook employ?

Right around 17,000 – around 1/3 of its total workforce.