“@michellemalkin https://t.co/cFais6J86d”

Michelle Malkin on Twitter: “#Plandemic – Fauci public health industrial complex want us to remain locked up to prevent “needless suffering & death.” More scientists & medical professionals are rising up to expose “needless suffering & death” that Fauci regime is *causing.* https://t.co/W3ZSL8ni8u”

“@jeremycarl4 @KurtSchlichter It is a good reason in all countries, except in ‘woke’ America. With such ‘reasoning’, this country will disappear within one generation.”

“@loganclarkhall Funny how almost all the things that got more expensive tend to involve heavy government involvement, subsidies and regs”

“Fauci got away with it then and he’s doing it again now! #FauciFraud #fakefauci”

“Fauci taking both sides of every issue https://t.co/w3xzdzUBnC”

“Instead of settling with Chinese spies how about banning them? @RepGosar @RepMoBrooks @RepCawthorn https://t.co/Worw7POd1n”

“This is the actual misinformation they accuse us of doing.”

“Transfer of wealth from Main St to Wall St… There were reasons why they renamed the flu and used it to seize political power and economic gain…”

“Twitter has just suspended the official Arizona Audit and Audit War Room accounts. https://t.co/R4hOXqflHa”

“Under congressional questioning, the representative from Coca Cola won’t say a single negative word about China’s treatment of Uyghurs

“What you thought “could never happen in America,” actually can. Anything is possible now.”

“Why is the Olympics social media account leaving off the Taiwanese flag? 🇹🇼”

“Witness the brutal reality behind North Korea’s communist regime. https://t.co/NIU6f68lsZ”

Joe Kent for WA-3 on Twitter: “Reject this. The CDC are nothing but a bunch of power drunk bureaucrats desperately clinging to the power.”

Pedro L. Gonzalez on Twitter: “Follow the Bugle https://t.co/lcVjURPsIj”

White-Collar Workers of America on Twitter: “You think everyone deserves a pathway to citizenship.”

“[European] Women were easier to catch than men, and were prized as sex slaves, so some coastal areas lost their entire child-bearing populations. One raid as far away as Iceland brought back 400 white slaves. https://t.co/C2LF6rWGFY https://t.co/CzpMVXBqcj”

“@BaldwinSpeaks @PravdaPereira @AILASoCal1 @AILANational 1. “real US tech workers”?!? Bull! #CorporateGreed & #Immigration Act Of 1990 (enacted #H1B) decimated #STEM #AmericanWorkers. https://t.co/ITphAhS2Hy”

“@BaldwinSpeaks @PravdaPereira @AILASoCal1 @AILANational 2. The bogus need for foreign #STEM workers began w/ a @NSF #Disinformation “paper” in 1986 because “scientific #employers had become alarmed that they would have to pay competitive market #wages” @JoeBiden @SecMayorkas @WhiteHouse. https://t.co/60hfey78vb” / Twitter

“#IBM’s #Apollo11 team was able to accomplish 1 of #America’s greatest technology feats w/o a single F1 #OPT, #H1B, et al @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RepMeuser @CommerceGov @SecMayorkas @SecMartyWalsh @WhiteHouse! https://t.co/GrPCuOUjiX https://t.co/4vkgyfUAWP”

“17000 Nepalis were murdered in cold blood because two Assholes wanted to become billionaires. Nepalis made them prime ministers of their country. Where was the outrage ? I find this far more offensive.” / Twitter

“How about ending #F1/M1 #OPT, #H1Blottery entry level #H1B winners displacing #AmericanWorkers/#AmericanGrads from entry-level #jobs so #Americans can pay their #StudentDebt @SpeakerPelosi @SenSanders @SenWarren @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse @SenToomey @SenBobCasey @RepMeuser?”

“Indian Border Security Force cuts the cable as a Nepali man is using it to cross the Mahakali river that forms the boundary between india and Nepal. Person is missing and presumed dead. This is an outrage.”

“It’s not a “cut” if green cards go unused CATO. Biden did nothing. If anything these spillover visas are the result of Trump bans. Stop dissembling. https://t.co/otygBOYJQe”

“New research from VOC’s @adrianzenz reveals the CCP is working to smother the next Uyghur generation before they are born. Beijing’s policies could forcibly eliminate up to 4.5 million births. https://t.co/i8KU0QDdCD”

“Socialists on twitter celebrate a middle income person losing their rental property as a victory against capitalism. She can now sell it to Black Rock, where large capital can get larger as upper middle class are hurt.”

“Today, I met a Black Man from Alexandria, LA & I asked him how things were there. He said crime for the last few years was a HUGE problem & he directly connected it to a lack of good paying jobs. Americans need to understand that we cannot afford to give 1 job to an Illegal Alien”

Ajay Manchanda on Twitter: “@BillyBubbadixie @MooreGovernor @PravdaPereira @RodneyR58127664 @AILASoCal1 @AILANational @NSF @JoeBiden @SecMayorkas @WhiteHouse Don’t you worry. I intend to run for office after I naturalize.”

An0maly on Twitter: “The GOP had no problem (nearly in unison) locking the country down, ushering in communism, printing trillions of 💵 like a socialist, pushing the vaccine down our throats — but don’t worry — they’re going to fake fight for Cuban freedom when they can’t keep it here. What a joke.”

Bill Melugin on Twitter: “BREAKING: TX Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order today banning ground transportation of migrants who pose a risk of carrying COVID-19 into TX communities. DPS is ordered to stop & redirect, or impound any vehicle upon suspicion back to its point of origin. @FoxNews https://t.co/wdMFAEkJft”

Bill Melugin on Twitter: “This couple is from Ghana. They speak English. She is a baker, he is an electrician. They left Ghana in January. Flew into Brazil. Went through Bolivia, eventually got to Mexico, then made their way here to the border. They’re planning to go to Hartford, CT. @FoxNews https://t.co/7j52DIiVL9”

Chris Buskirk on Twitter: “The Family Man in the Arena: ⁦@JDVance1⁩ makes clear that a strong American family should be the ultimate purpose of the American Right and any movement or party associated with it. https://t.co/hRWvVVjGds”

Class Redux Killa on Twitter: “The elites watch people die every day from lack of healthcare, homelessness, crime, drugs, etc. Every single day. For decades. Dont even blink an eye. And now they want you to think they care deeply about people dying from a <1% fatality rate flu. Thats the real joke of it all.”

curt (⧖) on Twitter: “@DiglerDerp @DanPriceSeattle The rich, they’re up not actually hiring people, sending the jobs overseas, or outsourcing, or cutting benefits, or committing wage theft, or only paying minimum wage, or abusing employees leaving jobs up to churn through people… And then STILL not pay taxes

Dan Price on Twitter: “In the 1950s, corporate taxes made up nearly 30% of all U.S. taxpayer revenue. Now it’s 6%. When the rich pay less in taxes, some people say “good for them.” But it just means you’ll pay more to make up the difference.”

Dan Price on Twitter: “The richest 1% got 35% of all wealth gains in the pandemic. They also had 42% of all money saved. Give money to a rich person and it’ll sit in an off-shore bank account. Give it to a working-class person and they’ll spend it on the local economy.”

𝕰𝖒𝖒𝖆𝕳🇹🇼🇺🇸 on Twitter: “The Japanese table tennis team defeated China. The Japanese media described this as China’s national humiliation. #WellDoneJapan https://t.co/xJVdKpSoix”

Get Swayed on Twitter: “@loganclarkhall Everything above the overall inflation line is controlled by unholy alliance of bigbiz and biggov. Almost all below is controlled by Moore’s law.”

Horse Lady Cornfield on Twitter: “Small businesses owned by Americans were shutdown and many are not coming back! But you know what continues to get funded by YOUR tax dollars? Refugee Resettlement and their contractors got rich off you! While they import foreign culture into your town! #EndRefugeeResettlement”

J.D. Vance on Twitter: “If your “conservatism” isn’t about fighting the power of these companies, it’s totally useless. Yes, I like the brave people of Cuba, too. God bless them. But we need to worry about creeping oligarchy in our own country first.”

Joe Kent for WA-3 on Twitter: “You should be supporting the American people by fighting against big tech’s targeting of conservatives & the un just treatment of the January 6th prisoners & the assault on our elections. Instead you chose this act of neocon virtue signaling. Support our people 1st.”

Kevin Lynn on Twitter: “Guarantee of ONLY one day off a week and no squeeze shifts. That is it! I am sure management quietly informed them that there are plenty of people around the world who would be happy to do this job for much less. Labor is hosed! https://t.co/nAFiUg43R7 via @cbsmoneywatch”