India miss deadline to update emissions targets

Indians turn to crowdfunding to pay Covid bills

Infrastructure Bill Includes $6.5 mil Earmark to Stop Suicides in Pelosi’s District

Pelosi ‘Broke Her Own Rules’ Following New House Mask Mandate

Poll: Majority of Voters Blame Joe Biden for High Inflation

Rasmussen: Voters Doubt Congress Will Address Nation’s Most Important Problems

Rep. Jordan: ‘Democrats Normalized Anarchy, Normalized Political Violence’

Report: 3,462 Nigerian Christians ‘Hacked to Death’ by Jihadists in 200 Days

Born Guilty

Mark Levin’s American Marxism: A Much-Needed Home Run

Masks mandatory for Santa Clara County students

Michelle Malkin: COVID-19, Catholics and Illegal Alien Charities

Migrants Overwhelming Lithuanian Border Villages

Minnesotans Take Legal Action Over Critical Race Theory

Most Migrants Released at Border Don’t Report to ICE

Most so-called ‘Socialists’ know nothing about Socialism

New Mexico governor to mandate vaccinations or frequent testing for all state workers

New Mexico House Democrat Resigns Amid Criminal Probe Into Racketeering, Money-Laundering

New Variant Of Trump Derangement Syndrome Ravaging The Media

Olympic Superstar Katie Ledecky: ‘The Hail Mary is a Beautiful Prayer and I Find That it Calms Me’

Parking Violator AOC Shuns Pelosi’s Mask Mandate

Republican Chip Roy Demands to Know if Vaccines Work

Scalise: Illegals Bragging They Have COVID Can Enter U.S., But Americans Can’t Return Without Proof

Shocker: US Ranks Dead Last In Media Trust

Slipknot Founding Drummer Dies at 46

Steven Seagal sells Scottsdale bulletproof mansion

Washington Feared for America

Schlichter: Imagine If They Hadn’t Lied To Us For The Last 18 Months

Pummeled With Pandemic Propaganda

Rand Paul: ‘the Science Doesn’t Support It’

Ron Paul: Make No Mistake, the Jan. 6 Show Trials Threaten All of Us

Former Democratic Senator Mugged by Reality

Texas Catholic Charity Will Defy Governor’s Order to Cease Busing Migrants

‘Will Nancy Investigate Herself?’ Trump Asks

Flashback: Nancy Pelosi Says Federal Government “Cannot Require Someone to be Vaccinated”

Ted Cruz: ‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is Drunk on Power’202

The Roots Of The Elite Left’s Attack On Freedom

Sen. Braun: ‘No’ Pathway to Citizenship for People Who ‘Illegally’ Enter U.S.

Sen. Cruz: ‘No’ to Pathway to Citizenship, Border is ‘Not Remotely’ Secure

SF Proposes Renaming Street After Elderly Asian Man Killed

Disgraced Lincoln Project Founder Weaver Paid Off $1.4 mil Mortgage 27 Years Ahead of Schedule

Disney and Walmart mandate employees be vaccinated

Dr. Fauci: ‘The CDC Hasn’t Really Flip-Flopped at All’

Fauci Protection Team

Ducey calls Phoenix Union’s indoor mask mandate ‘unenforceable’

Electronic Transactions Association and the digital dollar

Email Shows Newsom Knew His Son’s Basketball Camp Was a Mask-Optional Affair

Farage Beats BBC, More Than Triple Viewers of Comcast’s Sky: Report

Geena Davis Calls Out Woke Hollywood

GOP Demand Answers on January 6 Protesters: ‘Do We Have Political Prisoners Here in America?’

GOP Downplays Immigration in 2022 Campaign

Gov. Abbott Issues Executive Order Restricting Transportation of Illegals in Texas

Heir to Merkel Issues Humiliating Apology for Plagiarising Migration Book

Herzog: Med Schools Are Now Denying Biological Sex

Hillary Clinton Calls Simone Biles a ‘Model of Character’

House Freedom Caucus Vows to Oppose Any Spending Bill That Doesn’t ‘Defund CRT Training’

India and China are fighting over shrimps

Iran Attempted To Abduct at Least 3 American Journalists

Israel To Reinstate ‘Green’ Vaccine Passport Policy, ‘Soft Suppression’

J.D. Vance and the American Dream

Lemon Says Unvaccinated People Shouldn’t Be Able To Work Or Buy Food

Lina Khan wants to hear from you

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Completely Ignores Stabbing of Woman Wearing Charlie Hebdo T-Shirt

Loneliness Epidemic: Third of UK Adults Haven’t Been Hugged in Six Months

Man dies hiking in Death Valley amid 118 degree heat

January 6th Committee Makes a Mockery of America.

Australian dollar struggles higher as US growth fades

Contra Costa County sheriff has no plans to stop cooperating w ICE

COVID ‘Badges’ In Illinois

Dems Cry At Hearings

Dozens of California communities are running out of water

FL Governor Blocks School Mask Mandates in Executive Order Tucson woman charged with human smuggling leading to death

Liberties Removed Online

Lies Pile up on Day One of the January 6th Hearings

Long Sentenced to Life in Prison After Pleading Guilty to Spa Shootings

Man hit and killed while riding bicycle on Oakland freeway

Roundtable on the Week’s Top Immigration News

US Forced Vax Coordinated

:*in their scramble to replace the fake India study with SOMETHING”

‘Insurrection’ And ‘Delta’ Hoaxes Will Be Used To Turn Americans Against Their Neighbors

‘I Can Die’: Athletes Protest Extreme Heat at Tokyo Olympics

“Ban on slave imports passed overwhelmingly in 1807”

“Dems Keeping Focus on January 6, Because ‘What the Heck Else Are They Going to Talk About?’

20,000 Migrants Apprehended in One Week in Single TX Sector

2nd Texas Border City Probes Catholic Charity for Releases of Migrants with COVID

3 GOP Lawmakers Sue Pelosi Over $500 Mask Fines

4-in-10 Illegal Aliens Being Ordered Deported from U.S.

50,000 Mostly-Unvaccinated Migrants Released by Biden Skip Out on ICE

7:30 Why Is No One Talking About Biden Striking Somalia? The Alex Jones Show 36.4K views · a day ago

700,000 acres burned in 2 Northern California counties since 2018: What’s left?

81,046,488: Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment Hits Record High

ABC News Launches Special on Crime Waves in Democrat-Run Cities

AG Garland: ‘Unlawful’ for Texas to Stop Bussing of Illegal Aliens into U.S.903

All that matters is that you are taking the shot: Gunjan Sinha

America Needs A Hong Kong Moment

America’s Top Graduates Don’t Want Jobs On Wall Street

America’s Veterans Are Killing Themselves at an Alarming Rate: Report


American Taxpayers To Fund Abortion Overseas

Americans Defy CDC’s Mask Recommendations Across the Country

Anchor babies, birthright citizenship, and the 14th Amendment

Another coronavirus variant has reached FL

Archillect on Twitter: “” / Twitter

Are attempts to boost vaccine takeup genuine policies or PR stunts? Something strange seems to be going on in government

Arkansas Law Creats Process to Review and Reject Presidential EOs

At least 25 people were injured in a Boston train crash, officials say

Authorities find body of teen girl swept away by floodwaters

Autonomous Race Cars To Compete At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

AZ Cheaters Hit With Another Subpoena: Law Means Nothing To Dems

AZ man accused of striking cyclists charged w murder

AZ Senate Serves Maricopa County w Subpoena for Routers

Bending City Council’s ear on labor ruling

Beer & Exercise – Just Do It!

Biden ‘Motorcade’ Greeted In PA To Boos, Birds, And Massive Shouts “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Biden Appears at PA Event Unmasked

Biden Backs Amnesty in Reconciliation Bill

Biden Claims Infrastructure Victory Despite No Bill Text or Vote

Biden Ecoterrorist Nominee Demanded Human Population Control ‘War’ to Save Grizzly Bears… …Berated Human Parents for ‘Breeding Weapons’

Biden Extends Temporary Protected Status to Somali Nationals

Biden Idiocy: “I Have To Ask Permission To Leave,” Unvax Americans ‘Stupid,’ Numbers Mix Up

Biden Motorcade Surrounded By Trump Supporters In PA

Biden Pushes Mandated Injections on Local Government Puppet president launching medical tyranny against the masses.

Biden Receives Low Marks on Immigration in ABC News/Ipsos Poll

Biden Tries to Defend the Indefensible With Border ‘Progress’

Biden: Cyberattacks Could Lead To “Real Shooting War” With A Major Power

Black Fragility

Blinken pulls India closer amid challenges in China, Afghanistan

Blinken says nuclear talks with Iran ‘cannot go on indefinitely’

Blinken: A Chinese Role in Afghanistan Could Be ‘a Positive Thing’

BLM Leaders Praised Cuba’s Communist Front Group at Co-Hosted Event, Then Fawned Over Them After a Foreign Trip

Blue State Blues: Republicans Should Demand Border Wall in Any Infrastructure Deal

Boebert Won’t Comply with Pelosi’s ‘Anti-Science, Totalitarian Mask Mandate’

BoJo Bringing Chinese-Style Social Credit Score App to U.K

Border Agents Break Up More Stash Houses, Smuggling Attempts in RGV

Border Town Police Find Migrants ‘Sick with COVID’ at Whataburger

Breaking Britain’s Doom-Loop

Brooks Seeks to Cut Its Funding, While Middlemen Whistle Past the Graveyard

Cara Christ stepping down as AZ Department of Health Services director

Carl Levin, Michigan’s Longest-Serving Senator, Dies at 87

CDC Director Wants Vaccine Database

CDC Director: ‘We’re Looking Into’ Federal Vaccine Mandate

CDC Now Recommends Wearing A Seat Belt Even When You’re Outside The Car

CDC’s Hysterical Delta Flip-Flop Might Be Its Final Undoing

CDC’s Walensky: Can’t Attribute COVID Rise to ‘Southern Border’ Blames American South for ‘Really Quite High’ Covid Percentages

Centenarian sprinter Man Kaur dies at 105

Chaos Erupts in Italian Parliament Over Vaccine Passport Plans

Cheney Announces Full Allegiance To Deep State Communists

Climate Change Hardliners Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck Vacation on $130 Million Carbon Spewing Super Yacht

Clinton Pal Convicted In Meth Overdoses Of Two Men

CNN Airs Hour-Long PSA On Warning Signs Of Dementia

CNN Warns: ‘It’s About to Get Much Harder to Not Be Vaccinated’

Coke, Visa, Airbnb, Beijing Olympics Sponsors Deny Uyghur Genocide

Concern for buyers getting priced out as Phoenix home prices break records

Concerned Citizens of Alma, Michigan Fight Back Against Plan for UAC Facility – Refugee Resettlement Watch

Congresswoman Dares Pelosi: ‘Madam Speaker: Come and Get Me’ for Not Wearing a Mask

Connecticut Dem Indicted for Voter Fraud

Conservative News Outlet Offers $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Explain Legitimate ‘Drop and Roll’ Election Rig

Corrosive Tribalism of Climate Science

Could Larry Elder actually be the next governor of CA?

Countdown To The Next Lockdown: Biden Says “In All Probability” US Will See More Restrictions

COVID Outbreak at ‘Child Migrant’ Facility in Texas Covered Up

Covid Scam Is Unraveling

Criminal Referral! Rand Paul Takes On Nervous, Lying Fauci

Report: Jared Kushner Done With Politics

Report: Murders Rise 16% Across Major U.S. Cities in 2021

Tax-Funded Research: Britons Could Live off Bug Meat by 2030 Because ‘Net Zero’

Teachers’ Unions Refuse Vaccination Requirement

Teaching Racism: Illinois School District Sued

Thousands of Freed Border-Crossing Immigrants Are Dispersing

Thousands of UK-Bound Migrants Amassing in Coastal France

The Shadow State: Twitter Suspends Commentator For Criticizing Vaccine Policies

Trump Urged Justice Officials to Declare Election ‘Corrupt’

Trump: ‘We Won’t Go Back; We Won’t Mask Our Children’

Tsunami warning after 8.2 earthquake off Alaska

Tucker Rips Geraldo Rivera During Immigration Segment

Tupac and Ice Cube’s friend “murdered near a Seattle gas station”

Twitter Locks Dave Rubin’s Account in ‘Error’ After Corona Tweet

TX Border County Judge Calls Out Biden DHS for Releasing COVID-‘Infected Migrants’

TX Farmers Ask Biden to Pay for Property Damage

TX Gov. Abbott: No More Masks

UN Setting Up Massive Internment Camp System

USA Today Deletes NBC News Report Showing COVID Vaccinated Spread

Vulnerable Democrats Will Not Answer if Maskless Americans Should Get Arrested

W.H. Council of Economic Advisers Member Dodges Inflation Question

Walmart Corporate Employees, Managers Must Receive Coronavirus Vaccine Walmart Corporate Employees, Managers Must Receive Coronavirus Vaccine 1,317

WATCH: Liz Cheney Is a Clinton Republican

Water shortages and drought are CA’s biggest environmental concern

Why Is a Toxic Vaccine Being Mandated?

WH Bails on Coronavirus Briefings After Public Revolts Against CDC Guidance

What if January 6 Wasn’t a Coup Attempt, General Milley?

Whistleblowers Say They Were Told To Downplay COVID Outbreak @ Migrant Camp

White House Claims Biden ‘Riding In A Truck’ Is Same As Driving 18-Wheeler

Why Did It Take Almost 2 Weeks to Condemn Iran Protests?

Woman Beheaded in Minneapolis

Wrong Predictions Don’t Deter The Predictors

Yes, It’s A Communist Coup. But There Are Signs Of Hope


Pinterest Loses 24 Million Users

‘Apple Glass’ UI will let wearers smoothly select new AR scenes

Activision Blizzard Employees Are Staging A Walkout

Amazon denies report claiming imminent acceptance of Bitcoin

Amazon slammed with $887 million fine by EU

Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet report combined profits of more than $50 bil

Apple’s wearables revenue surpasses Mac and iPad in Q3

AWS to abolish ‘EC2-Classic’

Big Tech is still on a roll — but maybe not for long

Content Moderation Group Favored by Big Tech Expands Scope of Blacklisted

Crypto exchange Binance bows to pressure for physical headquarters

Exec That Tried To Send Critical Reporters A Dead Pig Blames ‘The Drinking Culture At eBay’

Facebook and RayBan smartglasses

Former JLL India chief Ramesh Nair is Colliers’ new India CEO – The Hindu

Foxconn iPhone plant hit by flooding, briefly loses power

Google purged over 1.1 million harmful content in India

​Google reveals Wear 3 devices

Govt Paid Rs 164.5 Crore To Infosys For New I-T Portal: MoS Finance Pankaj Chaudhary

Hundreds of AI tools have been built to catch covid. None of them helped.

iPhone accounted for 41% of smartphone revenue in Q2

iPhone sales hit record $39.6 bil in April-June Q

Israeli woman donates kidney to Gaza boy – The Hindu

Korean tech companies lose big in age of cyberattacks, employee poaching

Losing Face: the perils of Facebook’s Asia strategy – Nikkei Asia

Microsoft Teams has nearly 250 mln monthly active users

Neuralink raises $205 Mil

NSO Group’s Pegasus: Behind the mercenary spyware industry.

Oversight Report Says Commerce Dept. Investigative Unit Went Rogue

Pandemic Be Damned: PS5, XSX Enjoy Unprecedented Success

Playdate Sold 20,000 Units in 20 Min

PowerWash Simulator is still the most satisfying game ever

Preorders for retro-inspired Playdate gaming console have opened

Rare Steve Jobs application sells for $343,000

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over ‘Black Widow’ streaming release

Scientists See Back of Black Hole, Prove Einstein’s Theory Correct

Snowden: People Who Bankroll the Spyware Industry Should Be in Prison

Spotify loses $23.6 million in Q3, misses total user targets

The FTC Is Driving Away Good Economists In Favor Of Political Henchmen

TSMC reports gas contamination at key chip plant supplying Apple

Twitter brings algorithmic bias bounty challenge with prizes up to $3,500 | Business Standard News