In the 1990’s Bill Clinton, Labor Secretary Robert Reich, and Fed chair Alan Greenspan gave the US economy away to Asia.

Communist Chinese agent Bill Clinton’s Oval Office sex scandal is once again exposed by Monica Lewinsky.

The Clintons were never brought to justice for their treason – selling our nuclear ICBM tech to China + India via export waivers for Loral + Hughes in the late 1990’s.

China + India both had the bomb since the 60’s but not way to deliver it.

The Clintons, who were put in office by the Communist Chinese Party betrayed and sold out America.

Once the CCP gained the power to threaten the US with nukes the US was forced to hand over its economy to the looting thieves from China or face nuclear war.

The Clintons are the greatest traitors in all of American history – destroying the US economy and throwing millions of productive Americans into the streets.

No one was ever prosecuted for the crimes and the Clintons are still walking around today scott-free.

In the 1950’s the US executed the Rosenbergs for similar treatment with the Soviet Union.

To distract from the Lewinsky scandal, Clinton had the US military bomb Kosovo + Serbia – killing innocent civilians. His war crimes in that country are well documented.

You better wake up America – and fast.

You did, Bob. Now don’t try to cover it up by writing books distracting from your crimes on the American people.

What the Clintons’ pals over in China really want to do to America.

Clinton’s VP Al Gore promised Americans “vast economic benefits” from the FTA called NAFTA which gutted much of US manufacturing and shipped 1000s of factories and jobs to Mexico + Canada. American workers are still not allowed to take jobs in those countires in large numbers under NAFTA. Ross Perot, who debated Gore on CNN warned us of a “giant sucking sound” that would happen as the US economy was stolen. His predictions have come to pass. Both Al Gore + Bill Clinton are criminal traitors and must be arrested immiediately.

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Reich now teaches International Socialism at US colleges and writes books covering up his treason and giving away the US economy to Asia + Mexico.