’28 years apart. PowerBook Duo 230 manufactured in 1993 and my new MacBook Air m1′

Powerbook Duo - Apple's First Sub-notebook - Apple Gazette

Ah yes, the Duo 230 and 2300c – 2 awesome PowerBooks back in the day that had an optional slide-in dock called the DuoDock. For their time they were pretty cool machines.

The compiler of the day was Symantec’s Symantec C++, which was dervied from an even earlier version called THINK C, which was made by a company called Lightspeed. They also made a Pascal version.

Apple also had its own dev environment called Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop.

But then again, that was back before the invasion – when American workers ran Silicon Valley. Apple doesn’t make really cool stuff like this today.

The entire programming reference was a big pile of books from Apple called Inside Macintosh, which you can still find on eBay or on used book sites.

Later both MPW and Symantec C++ were displaced by an even better IDE called CodeWarrior which rocked the Mac world, made by a TX company called Metrowerks.

We’re sure we don’t know what we’re talking about though, because we’re not as highly skilled and talented as the Indian Mafia.

And to every one’s surprise today……..

Why the C Programming Language Still Runs the World

PowerBook Duo 2300c/100 Specs

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