Wall St. companies still wield supreme power in America.

This is more fake PR covering up corporate America’s illegal rigging of the US labor market.

A whole big whopping $200 signing bonus @ Kroger.

Back in the 1990’s American tech workers regularly got $5,000 – $10,000 signing bonuses.

$200 is McDonald’s lunch money.

And of course, the fake criminal Federal Reserve is in on the coverup.

The Fed has been illegally manipulating the labor market for decades – via mass immigration and oversupply of the labor force.

“That could help narrow income inequality, however slightly, after years of widening gaps amid fairly stagnant wages for the service industry accompanied by soaring salaries for white-collar workers. For the most part, corporate America expects wage increases to continue.

The subject came up at a recent meeting with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Atlanta, where she gathered senior leaders from companies including Delta Air Lines Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. to talk about inflation and the economy. During private discussions, some executives bemoaned the fact they still can’t fill open positions even after wages were increased, according to a person familiar with the conversation. The consensus among employers was that higher pay is here to stay”.

Well, $22/hr might sound like a lot but it’s only $44,000/year – and if that’s your only income, after taxes, you keep about $32,000 of that. With rents around $1,600/mo in many locations, you might get to keep a few hundred dollars a month after food, utilities, and other bare necessities.

What a joke.

Yellen is a RICO market rigger, just like Alan Greenspan was.

Alan Greenspan Thinks White Collar Workers Earn Too Much