‘Contrarian for governor would be perfect antidote to Trumpers’

Wow, manipulate elections much there Mr. Simonich?


Milan Simonich: Full-time biased blogger, part-time fake reporter – Political Fireball

Why So Bitter, Milan Simonich?

“For a very long time, six years to be precise, a commentator named Milan Simonich has been writing opinion pieces for the Santa Fe New Mexican, posing as some kind of expert on politics and other issues facing the state. To the regular Santa Fe liberal, Milan is something of a genius, as his cynicism is evident in each syllable he writes.

Going back through an archive of Simonich’s “work,” one gets the sense that this guy thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread, (that is if the loaf is sustainably-farmed, organic, gluten-free, and 5% of its proceeds go to “benefit the planet,” even though no one really knows what that means). The level of pretension, condescension, and snobbishness in his writing is astounding”.

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