“An Israeli company called NSO Group has created a spyware tool called Pegasus that gives its users an extraordinary ability to surveil and steal secrets from anyone who carries a smartphone.

Investigative reports and advertising materials from NSO reveal that Pegasus can listen to phone calls and voicemails, track the phone owner’s movement and current location, steal passwords, and collect emails, videos, and browsing history. It can even activate cameras or microphones on the target’s phone to capture new images and make new recordings.

The phone can be infected without its owner touching it, and even the Apple security protections built into the newest-generation iPhones cannot always catch it, according to a report from The Washington Post, Amnesty International and other watchdog groups. The software is supposed to be targeted at criminals, terrorists and other potential menaces to society”.

Such as anyone who protests or disagrees with the gov’t. This is Chinese style-spyware.

But don’t worry, Israel is our ally.

“Several of these countries already face political fallout. Not surprisingly, Israel’s government faces reputational damage. NSO Group is not part of its state security services. Still, the group was founded by former Israeli government hackers who moved into the private sector, and its ongoing relationships with the country’s security services is a source of embarrassment. Many U.S. tech companies face pressure from their own employees to refuse cooperation and contracts with companies that abuse personal privacy and the governments that allow them to operate”.