NFAP criminally defames US tech workers who created Silicon Valley, not to mention engages in subversion of Title 8 which says all foreign workers are inadmissible aliens if Americans are unemployed or adversely affected.

Why is Stuart Anderson allowed to get away with both criminal defamaton and subversion with impunity?

BTW, Anderson is a former immigration lawyer – most likely still working for

ITServe Alliance is a racist group of 100 Percent Indians also subverting and violating Title 8 of US law + doing mass H-1B visa fraud.

ITServe Alliance is a RICO organization.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Biden Administration Defends Trump H-1B Visa Rule

Biden Keeps Costly Trump Visa Policy Denying Chinese Grad Students

That’s because most of them are spies here to steal our industries, Mr. Anderson.

Anderson is also in favor of dumping failed Afghanistan rapefugees into America.

If Afghans could not defeat the Taliban with US help, then they do not deserve America, either.

Why is ITServe Alliance so racist? And why are they allowed to violate Title 8 of US law with impunity?

The Indian Mafia breaks into America in violation of Title 8, then sues USCIS to stay.

Should temporary guest workers even be allowed to sue the US gov’t for anything? They don’t sound like guests to us.

The Indian Mafia is here to steal your tech job and the gov’t is going to help them do it.