Yep. It’s all a huge lie, people.

We’re being manipulated + deceived by India.

India is not our ally – they are Russia’s ally.

Americans created Silicon Valley long before India’s industrial theives began arriving around 2000 or so.

One of them, Noshir Gowadia, stole the plans for America’s B-2 bomber and sold them to China. He’s currently serving 32 years in a Federal prison.

All of this is enabled by the plethora of foreign guest worker visas such as H-1B and others.

Foreign powers are also using our student visa programs to send huge numbers of industrial spies into US tech jobs to steal our tech.

Silicon Valley and most of our tech + research jobs are now occupied on a massive scale by these foreign industrial thieves – millions of them.

All on our soil.

We have been tricked into letting our enemies into the US to steal everything.

The US wouldn’t even allow trade with India before 1997. The only reason we now allow trade with them is because that was the year Bill Clinton signed export waivers for Loral + Hughes to sell India + China our rocket technology – ostensibly for satellites, but which they now also use for nuclear ICBMs. Both India + China had the bomb since the 1960’s but couldn’t get a rocket into space until the Clinton export waivers.

America is doomed. It is just a matter of time until our enemies are powerful enough to overcome us.

And as the article says, Indian agent Kamala Harris is being groomed for the White House. If she can order our nuclear weapons disarmed, we’re done for.

Wake the hell up now, America.

India is stealling all of our tech and is now running most of our tech companies. Our research labs + defense industry are full of their spies.

India has been unable to develop a Stealth bomber, but is supposedly trying. It would be easier for them to get our tech via Kennedy or Kamala Harris. Funny thing, since multi-generational Americans are told we have to give our jobs to people from India, because they are supposedly smarter than us. Old stock Americans beat Britain on the field of battle, which India couldn’t either. And, we are supposed to let India potentially nuke us with our own stealth bomber tech?

They are Russia’s ally, not ours.

People with roots in India, presumably with US citizenship, from the misnamed US India Security Council, recently held an online conference-fund raiser for Representative Joe Kennedy, who is opposing US Senator Ed Markey in the Massachusetts Dem Primary. They want Kennedy on the Armed Service committee in the US Senate, in case there is any doubt as to their intent. The conference-fund raiser seems to have been spear-headed by Ramesh Kapur who was behind a US-India nuclear deal which US Senator Markey pointed out “was not compliant with the Hyde Act passed by Congress last year, which aimed to restrict India’s nuclear testing capabilities.” (Forbes, 2007 )

Remember that India has been almost entirely an ally of the Soviet Union and Russia, and remains so. It is not our ally“.

And yet Silicon Valley is nearly totally occupied with Indian nationals now.

Welcome to Silicon Valley.

Not only that, but Ramesh Kapur was on the finance committee of Biden’s election team.

What is a foreign national doing on a Presidential election committee in the US?

That’s foreign election interference.

The US India Security Council isn’t even part of the US gov’t – it’s a private corporation (essentially a foreign lobby) influencing our gov’t. It’s most likely run by Modi of India – just like USIN-PAC is.

“Trump tried to bend the democracy over here. And for the next 16 years Democrats will control the government over here. I want to see Kamala Harris as the 1st President of the United States. We want the average man to think very highly of India over here”.

“NRIs are doing very well over here“.

Why does he keep saying “Over here”. Is he a foreign agent for India or something?

“And of course immigration will become easier over here“.

“Trump will be a bad chapter and will be forgotten”.

We will get more of our next generation running for Congress“.

“He’s already pro-India. Biden’s pro-India”.

When the law is changed, the US has to support India in a war”.

“We keep moving the ball”……

“We will get that done with President Biden’s help”.

“With this thing we will get a lot of information, a lot of intelligence”.

“With the whites losing their strength and everything, they’re not adapting”.

Except that it’s illegal for any of you to come here and work if you’re harming Americans, which you’re doing.

Indians began to enter the US around the year 2000 – and since then 74 million working age Americans have been driven from the US workforce by Indians.

Of course non-resident Indians are doing well “over here” – you stole millions of top jobs from Americans and displaced them out of jobs in their own country.

There is no Indian-American community in America. They are all Y2K visa overstayers.

America is not as resilient as you think. We’ve now got mass homelessness, unemployment, and debt problems none of which we had before you arrived.

Watch these invaders scheme + plot how to take over the US.

India is the one who is “bending the democracy over here”.

Trump was merely enforcing existing US law.

Kind of hard to adapt when you face millions of racist India Inc staffing agencies that now control most STEM hiring in the US.

Try to get a job in America if you are a white STEM worker, and all you will get is your resume stolen and an Indian thief sent in for the job.

“Whites – They’re, they’re, they’re losing their strength and not adapting”.

No one can adapt in the face of the racist Indian Mafia which has stolen nearly every US tech job in the country.

Everything else has been shipped offshore or colonized.

White Americans can only work 80 hours a week for 40 years to build so many stolen industries for others before they’re worn out and give up. We’re done doing all the hard work for Indian thieves.

No other country in the world would allow this kind of racism, mass industrial theft, and lawlessness.

India is invading and colonizing the US silently.

Ramesh Kapur must be arrested for foreign election interference now.

Joe Biden: Indian Americans ‘Are Taking Over this Country’

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama greet each other in Vientiane, Laos, during the ASEAN summit

Indian-American sold B-2 stealth tech to China

Lockheed, Tata agree to move F-16 production line to India

‘Senator from Punjab’: How Hillary Clinton Masterminded a Global Scheme to Replace American Workers

US Congressman Andy Barr Calls for Resignation of Entire Biden National Security Team

The H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Stolen Tech: The Soviet Superfortress

Indians are a slippery, treacherous people’ – Late US President Richard Nixon

Nixon describes Indians as “a slippery, treacherous people” and his National Security Adviser calls the Indians “insufferably arrogant”.

Topic: Indians are so treacherous — Richard Nixon

Kissinger’s assessment was no better. “The Indians are bastards anyway. They are plotting a war,” he said.

Later, when the war actually broke out towards end-November, the Nixon administration promptly cut off economic aid to India and “tilted” even more firmly towards Pakistan”.

No wonder this arrogant moron thinks India is critical to US security. India is shoving itself on the US in order to suck us dry, invade, colonize, take over, and steal everything.

The US does not need a failed loser like India as an “ally” – India needs US jobs, $, tech, and military to shield itself from China.

The real Russian collusion.

India has been at American workers’ throats for close to 25 years.

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