Now you know who’s really controlling Biden + manipulating the US.

We have to get foreign influence out of our gov’t now people.


The US India Security Council isn’t even part of the US gov’t – it’s a private corporation (essentially a foreign lobby) influencing our gov’t. It’s most likely run by Modi of India – just like USIN-PAC is.

“Trump tried to bend the democracy over here. And for the next 16 years Democrats will control the government over here. I want to see Kamala Harris as the 1st woman President of the United States. We want the average man to think very highly of India over here”.

“NRIs are doing very well over here“.

Why does he keep saying “over here”.

Is he a foreign agent for India or something?

“And of course immigration will become easier over here“.

“Trump will be a bad chapter and will be forgotten”.

We will get more of our next generation running for Congress“.

“He’s already pro-India. Biden’s pro-India”.

When the law is changed, the US has to support India in a war”.

“We keep moving the ball”……

“We will get that done with President Biden’s help”.

“With this thing we will get a lot of information, a lot of intelligence”.

“Whites – they’re losing their strength. That’s where the resentment comes from over here“.

No, the resentment comes from you stealing the industries we worked 80 hours a week to build and then keeping us out of it in our own country.

You were supposed to leave when Y2K ended in 2003 and you were only supposed to be temporary guests, remember.

There was never any agreement between India + the American people for you to stay here forever and take over.

Anyone would resent an army of 5,000,000 thieves invading.

Cut the crap, liar.


Pro-India Group Funds Kennedy Against Markey in Apparent Attempt to Access US Military-Dual Use Tech

Joe Biden: Indian Americans ‘Are Taking Over this Country’

US India Security Council Claims Victory, Says For the First Time US Law Recognizes That “India is a Major Defense Partner”


How does an ally claim victory over another ally?

Mr. Kapur helped raise funds for Sen. John McCain in Washington, DC and in Phoenix Arizona in 2016. Mr Kapur helped to arouse the interest of Indian Community in Arizona to come out and vote for the Senator in the primaries as well as in the final Election. Mr. Kapur also helped to put a fund raiser for Chairman Mac Thornbury in Washington, DC.

“Ramesh V. Kapur is the founder and president of the Indian American Security Leadership Council, which was incorporated on July 18, 2006. The name was changed to US India Security Council, Inc. on July 7, 2010. US India Security Council, Inc. ( is a bipartisan organization to encourage closer ties between U.S. and India, and to promote the idea that U.S.’s future security would be greatly enhanced by working closely with India.

Mr. Kapur was instrumental in getting the support of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle to appoint Ms. Preeta Bansal in 2003 as Commissioner of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, a bipartisan independent federal agency.

Mr. Kapur was also specially invited by Hillary Clinton to accompany her to pay homage to Mother Teresa. He headed the ad hoc delegation which traveled to India with President Bill Clinton in 1999. Mr. Kapur hosted the first reception for President Clinton on his arrival in India.”.

The following leaders believed in the USIS idea and pushed its members to continue:

  1. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
  2. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid
  3. Sen. John McCain, Chairman, Senate Armed Services Committee
  4. Senator Jack Reed, Ranking Member, Armed Services Committee
  5. Congressman Mac Thornberry, Chairman, House Armed Services Committee
  6. Congressman Adam Smith, Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee
  7. Congressman Ed Royce, Chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee

Why is Kapur more concerned with meeting foreign powers than he is with doing something for America?

Is he one of Modi’s Unregistered Foreign Agents?

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