Foreign manipulation of our gov’t folks.

A bunch of communist racists from India now control most of our politicians + elections.

This is illegal foreign control of our gov’t.

Even if some of them are US citizens they have ties back to India, which makes them Unregistered Foreign Agents.

We are silently being colonized by India.

We must get foreign influence out of our gov’t now.

They’re also incredibly racist.

Desi ‘bundlers’ have been fundraising for US presidential campaigns through ‘chai-nashta’ parties for a long time.

“‘They See Blue,’ also called They See Blue, is a non-profit organisation, formed by a team of Indian Americans in California to mobilise South Asian Americans to help elect Biden and flip the US Senate, which currently has a Republican majority.”

Most of those South Asian Americans are in fact illegal Y2K Visa Overstayers.

Kamala Harris with 100% Indian US India Security Council – a private corporation.

Why do we allow foreign interests to manipulate + control our gov’t?

They See Blue

Desi Blue

Reception organized for Kamala Harris in New York

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb and InfoSys’s Richard Cardwell honored with Indiana Ratna Award