Vice: Indians Bring Caste Discrimination into ‘Every U.S. Company’ – Breitbart

What an outrage. These people weren’t even supposed to be here beyond Y2K, since they are temporary guest workers and were imported for Y2K only with the agreement that would leave when it ended 17 years ago.

Why are they still here, and why do we even allow this behavior inside our top tech companies?

“On August 5, Sen. Rick Scott, (R-FL), blocked the bill’s passage by Unanimous Consent. He is now being vilified and pressured by an Indian lobby group, Immigrant Voice:

Indian visa-workers declare Sen. Rick Scott as a KKK racist b/c he blocked Mike Lee’s S386 labor-supply bill.
The tactics by @immivoice pressure Sens. to support Lee’s tech-$ bill that invites floods of ‘green-card lite’ foreign grads into US jobs #H1B

— Neil Munro (@NeilMunroDC) August 6, 2020

Azli Jamila year ago

Caste is basically “you’re only as good as your blood” and what Americans yelled ‘racist’ is nothing compared to racism as practiced by the Indians.
The question is, “Why in the world would Americans, who keep professing anti racism, would want to bring in more of these most racist people on the planet???”
And, the more they are of the population, the bigger their heads get!
Proof? Look at UK

  • BBrianL Azli Jamila year ago Around the world racism is rampant. Throughout Asia everybody hates everybody. Japanese hate Koreans hate Chinese hate Vietnamese etc. In Africa every tribe hates every other tribe. The same in South America. Muslims were killing each other for centuries until oil became a worldwide commodity and gave them the wealth to again try for world domination as their cult demands they hate everyone.The USA is the only country that practically eradicated racism until Bath house Barry came along to stir up the hate bigotry that was suppressed for years in the Democrat party. And now the Marxists are going full bore to rile up the uneducated and indoctrinated to destroy our Republic. War is coming within our borders thanks to the Left with the kickoff coming on the 4th of November. What’s happening now are just skirmishes.
      • JT BBrianLa year ago Rick Scott is a hero for stopping this debacle.And what the hell is wrong w/the people of Utah?
        Romney AND Lee?????
        The two biggest pieces of $@#% in all of Washington”.

Kris Lyle Francis Delpa year ago

“Eisenhower deported 3M illegals. It’s not new but the US Chamber of Greed pays their CONgressionalWhores via campaign financing & 6-7 figure jobs to increase their pool of indentured servants. It’s been going on for many, many decades”.

Squashnut Schrödinger’s cata year ago • edited

“The “Masters” did know this. Then people like Sundar Pichai became one of the Masters, and suddenly, we are playing by their rules. And it’s played by their rules, and at all levels across America, whenever and wherever possible”.

American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act


American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Silicon Valley Has a Caste Discrimination Problem

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