‘Everything Woke Turns To S**t’

10 Examples of the Left’s Blatant Hypocrisy

Australia’s political psychos die of Delta

Council Discusses Homelessness, Sparks Fly Over ManCo Request

Hurricane Ida traps Louisianans, shatters the power grid

Man on river trip dies after 50-foot fall at Grand Canyon

Melbourne facing congestion nightmare as population swells

Who pays the price for California’s affordable housing?

Woman killed on Interstate 680 in San Ramon

…DeSantis Demands Answers on Americans Left Behind…

…Shock: WH Won’t Rule Out Giving Aid to Taliban

110,000+ Afghans Bound for US?

500+ Migrants Arrive to Overwhelmed Italian Island

A Victory for Natural Immunity and Sanity

Angry Biden Refuses to Admit Mistakes in Disastrous Afghanistan Exit

Apple promises another $ 30 million to racial equality initiative

Arizona to see cloudy skies and wet weather this week

Around 750,000 Households Face Eviction in 2021 Following Moratorium Ban

As Kabul burns, we need to talk about Pakistan

Biden Apparatchik Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo Accused of Copying Music

Biden Opens New Federal Office for Climate Change, Health and Equity

Bono, Susan Rice Gush over Fauci in First Trailer for Nat Geo Documentary

Blinken Suggests Pathway to ‘International Legitimacy’ For Taliban Regime

Border Hawk Interview: Massive Waves of Afghans Headed to US, Europe

Bubble Trouble: Home Prices Rise at Fastest Annual Pace Since 1987

Buchanan: Bad Moon Rising for Biden—and Us

California Parents Protest School District’s Mandatory Mask Mandates

California Port Pileup Shatters Record And Imports Still Haven’t Peaked

California’s ‘Cantaloupe Center’ struggles to reign supreme

Carlson: Our leaders won’t apologize for Afghanistan, Biden doubled down

CBP Assists 42 Haitian Illegals Aboard Boat Near Florida Beach

CBP Intercepts Six Maritime Smuggling Attempts Near San Diego

CDC Director To Restart Gun Research Amid Spate Of Mass Shootings

CDC Issues The New Newspeak

Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During COVID-19

Compassion Seattle homelessness measure nixed from November ballot

Conservative Trust in Media Drops to New Low: Poll

Cut sugar to save lives, researchers urge

Cyber slavery: inside Cambodia’s online scam gangs

Dems Block Vote to ‘require’ Biden Recover Americans, Equipment Left Behind

DeSantis Demands Feds Provide Data on Number of Illegal Aliens in Florida

Elizabeth Warren Breaks New Mexico Governor’s Mask Mandates at Wedding

Enrollment continues to expand for AZ program addressing teacher shortage

Establishment Media Attempt to Clean Up Biden’s Mess

Ethan Hawke Laments Masks, Vaccines Have Made U.S. ‘Most Divided Nation’

Europe Braces for Tsunami of Afghan Migrants

FBI Allegedly Funded White Supremacist Publisher: Court Documents

Fed Judge Blocks Gov. Abbott’s Order Barring Private Transport of Illegal Aliens

Feds Fly 14,000 Afghans Into Dulles in 12 Days

Genentech pulls breast cancer drug after FDA questions accelerated approval

GOVERNMENTS: There’s No Problem So Bad It Can’t Be Made Worse

Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Illinois, celebrates Krishna Janmashtami

How Data Manipulation Is Used to Support the Desired Narratives

How rising pollution will affect Indians

How we can save America’s classrooms from radicalism

IAMCP India Announces New Leadership Team

Illegal Alien Charged With Multiple Counts of Child Rape in NC

India makes first formal official contact with Taliban

India’s Envoy Meets Taliban’s Political Officer in Doha, Flags Concerns

Judge Orders Hospital to Give Severely Ill Covid-19 Patient Ivermectin

Kabuki Vetting of Afghans

Last Letter Written by Soldier, 18, to His Parents in WWI Is Unearthed

Massachusetts Marine Johanny Rosario Picardo killed in Kabul attack

Mollie Tibbetts’s Killer Sentenced to Life in Prison

Most of South Lake Tahoe ordered to evacuate

Mountain lion killed after mauling child in California

New Orleans Mayor Orders Citywide Curfew To Prevent Mass Looting

New Report Shows Most Americans Pay No Federal Income Tax

Obama Edu Sec Compares Anti-Mask Americans to Kabul Suicide Bombers

Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day celebrated in New Jersey

Pentagon Announces More Bases Selected to House 50,000 Afghans

Pentagon Posts Photo of Last Soldier Leaving Afghanistan

Poland Detains Activists for Damaging Barrier With Belarus

Pregnant American Kicked in Stomach by Taliban After Stranded by Joe Biden

Rep. Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to Increase Refugee Admissions Cap

Report: Libs ‘Discouraged’ After Months of Getting Owned by Kyrsten Sinema

Resurgent Taliban and shaken economy upend life in Afghanistan

Santa Clara Mother and Daughter Killed in Collision

Six-Fold Increase of Migration Pressure at Bulgaria’s Border

Support.com, other new meme stocks plunge, pause at monster rally

Tahoe locals win court battle over ‘reckless’ development

Taliban Says Kabul Airport To Resume Operation Within Days

Taliban to America: Recognize Us as a Legitimate Government

Taliban to announce formation of new government on Friday : Source

Texas Abortion Clinics Press Supreme Court To Block Fetal Heartbeat Law

Texas Law Allowing Private Citizens to Sue Abortionists Slated to Take Effect

Texas Legislature Passes Election Integrity Legislation

Texas shooter, probably inspired by foreign terrorists

The American Descent Into Fascism – PaulCraigRoberts.org

The United States Fighting Communism? | National Vanguard

This tiny red chalet is all that remains of SF’s boozy ‘Beertown’

Tom Cruise Insisted That Val Kilmer Return in Top Gun: Maverick

Tracing the History of Afghan Sikhs: Who Are They and What is Their Significance

Trump admin lost H-1B visa fight in its dying days

Trump: ‘Only Reason You Have a Republican Party’ is Democrats ‘Have Horrible Policy’

Trump: The New Churchill

US Navy helicopter crashes off San Diego coast – Pacific Fleet

US Turned Its Back on India in Afghanistan, Let’s Accept It

Videos Reveal Massive Destruction on LA’s Grand Isle from Hurricane Ida

Vulnerable Democrats in Congress Distance Themselves From Biden

Watch– Teacher: ‘180 Days’ to Turn Students ‘into Revolutionaries’

We Knew This Would Happen: Attacking Our Way of Life

What the Afghanistan Debacle and Southern Border Crisis Have in Common

Why political parties grow wary of caste census when in power

Wisconsin Celebrates 9th Milwaukee India Fest and 75th Independence Day…

With Afghanistan, Media’s Pro-Biden Views Outweighed by Its Anti-Americanism

Worrying trend as more hikers die in Death Valley this summer

You Too Can Now Own A Fractional Share Of The Original Doge Meme NFT

ICYMI: “J. Christian Adams: 15 Million Mail Ballots Unaccounted For in 2020 Election”

Will resurrecting the San Jose Chamber of Commerce name also revive its image?

‘Smash the Skulls’ Can’t Crush a Movement: BJP Must Realise Farmers Won’t Quit

47 Victims Rescued, 102 Arrested in Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation

Afghan Interpreter Who Helped Rescue Biden in 2008 Left Behind After U.S. Exit

Afghan Nationals in India Lose Livelihood After Taliban Takes Over Kabul

Art drive at newly launched Indian Asian unit at A. Holly Patterson | News India Times

Australian Truckers Protest Mandatory Vaccines and Lockdowns, Block Major Highway

Biden Waived Congressional Mandate for Report on Afghanistan Withdrawal Risks

Graham: Afghanistan War ‘Has Not Ended,’ US to Deal With ‘Catastrophe’ For Decades

Illegal Alien Charged With Killing 3-Year-Old Girl In Hit-And-Run DUI in North Carolina

Maher Tells Liberals: “If What You’re Doing Sounds Like an ‘Onion’ Headline – Stop”

New York Times: Afghan Men Leave their Wives, Young Children in Afghanistan

Nightmare scenario for Lake Tahoe unfolding as flames advance on iconic lake

Report: Oklahoma Congressman Missing After Secret Rescue Attempt in Afghanistan

Second Harvest food bank finds new home in North San Jose – San José Spotlight

The Afghans Are Coming: New Jersey Islamic Groups Mobilizing to Receive Muslim ‘Refugees’

U.S. Senators Urge Treasury to Withhold $9 Billion in Assets from ‘Oppressive Taliban Regime’

UK Offers Taliban Access to Frozen Bank Accounts if Refugees Allowed to Seek Asylum Abroad

We’re Ruled by the Ostrich Party | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

“Feckless, Dementia Ridden Piece of Cr*p Biden!” Parents Of Fallen Marines Blast Biden

Canadian Court Rules Trial Judges “Must Do Their Utmost” Not To Put Black Offenders In Prison

Indiana Congresswoman Asks Biden What to Tell Constituent He Abandoned in Afghanistan


Here are the CPUs that officially can run Windows 11

‘Apple Watch Series 7’ clones surface in China

‘Unprecedented’ Power Outage Crippled Half of NYC Subway Sunday Night

70% of recruitment process happens without any manual intervention: Sukhjit Pasricha

Amazon To Let Customers Buy Now And Pay Later

American Flags Plastered Throughout Campus After Anti-Flag Teacher Booted

Apple developers can’t escape the 30% toll, because the lawyers took it

Apple Is Launching an App Dedicated to Classical Music

Apple urges staff to get vaccinated, stops short of mandating shots

Breaking the loop: A few hours with Deathloop

California lawmakers take on Amazon warehouses with AB 701

Challenger NB RP2040 WiFi

Cook receives, sells off over 5M shares of AAPL stock worth > $750M

Cook wants to debut one more big product category before he retires

Cosmos DB Flaw Affected Thousands of Azure Customers

Cracks found in ISS’s oldest module Zarya

Docker Desktop is no longer free for enterprise users

EU to formally probe Nvidia’s $54bn takeover of Arm

Facebook, Instagram Blacklist Account of Mother of Slain Marine Kareem Nikoui

Federal Circuit upholds Apple win in patent infringement

Federal Use of Facial Recognition Technology Expanding

Fixing Mike’s Macintosh LC / Performa 575

Google Trolls Apple With Its Latest Pixel 5a Ad

GoPro Hero 10 Leaked With Improved Sensor, New Processor

Holmes’ criminal trial to showcase Silicon Valley’s most notorious startup

How facial recognition system control offers effective workplace security

How Icarus Is Pushing the Survival Genre in a New Direction

How ransomware runs the underground economy

Humans are leading AI systems astray because we can’t agree on labeling

Instagram to Require Users to Share Their Birthdays

Installing Windows 11 on unsupported PC disables updates

Intel goes canyoneering with two DPUs and a SmartNIC

Investor Who Predicted 2008 Housing Crash Says Crypto Is a ‘Worthless’ Bubble

iPhone 13 may offer satellite connectivity

iPhone 13 to Feature LEO Satellite Comms to Make Calls + Texts w/o Cellular

Kaseya Issues Patches for Two New 0-Day Flaws

Microsoft, Google to Invest $30 Billion in Cybersecurity Over Next 5 Years

N Korea appears to have restarted its nuclear reactor: UN

Peloton’s original bike price drops $400 after poor earning results

Processed cheese prices fall in response to soaring timber prices

Review: Quake (2021 Remaster)

Salesforce reveals trio of new ASEAN leaders

Soros Donates $500,000 To Stop California’s Recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom

Strava Is Leaving Older Android Smartwatches in the Dust

Tampa defense contractor launches high-tech tracker for Afghanistan refugees

TikTok owner ByteDance acquires VR headset maker Pico

TSMC to raise semiconductor prices by up to 20%

Uber sells shares in several Russian companies for $ 1 billion

Visualizing The Size Of The World’s Rockets, Past & Present

Vulcan Bomber Disintegrates on Camera

Webb Telescope gets ready for shipment after final tests Next stop

Western Digital closing in on merger with Kioxia

Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?

Why are hyperlinks blue?

Windows 11 will launch on October 5

Windows 11 won’t support Android apps at launch

YouTube Channel Restored for Big Tech, Pandemic Coverage Critic Naomi Wolf


Japan Suspends Another 1 mil Moderna Doses Over Contamination Concerns

Testing the flame-resistant Armourlite jeans in Japan

Japanese actress Haruka Ayase recovering in hospital with COVID-19

Japan’s Princess Mako to marry boyfriend Kei Komuro by year-end

To China’s chagrin, Japan-Taiwan talks could pave the way for closer ties

Gundam’s creator says he can only work in anime studios for 3 more years due to spinal issue


CNN Interviewee Who Demanded Trump Impeachment Registers as Lobbyist For China’s Huawei

Microchip Plant Taken over by Communist China Was Developing British Military Tech

2nd New Nuclear Missile Base for #China

America’s Chinese Fentanyl Flood

Australia ‘wary’ of Chinese spy ship

Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco is a disaster for Asia

Carlson: If you want to help China, here’s how

For What Will We Go to War With China?

HK teacher’s union folds under Beijing’s pressure

Hong Kong court delivers first national security law conviction

Hong Kong national security police arrest 5 for alleged sedition

Hong Kong Parking Space Sells For $1.53 Million

How China exports repression via a network of spies

How China tried to suppress the lab leak investigation

If Taiwan is lost, US loses, too

Kim bans dry cargo imports while people starve

Mainland tech rallies while Hong Kong wilts

More than 7.5 million now affected by Chinese flooding

New China carrier to increase threat

No spectators at all Olympic venues in Tokyo

Politics and plague make a noxious mix in Malaysia

Poll: 81% Concerned by China’s Influence on U.S.

Taiwan to stage mega live-fire war games next month

Thai economy dying on borrowed time

The Battle Of The Censors

The colourful life and times of China’s lighthouse builder

The Deep Seabed Is China’s Next Target

The herculean task of bailing out China Huarong

The rise of China, part two

The summer of North Koreans’ discontent

This is CNN: Make Life Hell for Unvaxxed!

Triad-linked assailants jailed for HK protest attack


Understanding China’s conflicted nationalism

US lacks credible response to Chinese hacking

US puts Japan Inc. on edge over Xinjiang supply chain risks

US-South Korea war games anger North and China

Vietnam learns to exploit nationalist rage over Chinese maps

Washington calls China’s tit-for-tat sanctions ‘baseless’

Xi asks military to expedite modernisation process

China Divorce From Capitalism Steals Joy From Stocks

China on the cusp of a ‘profound transformation’

China’s kids get schooled in ‘Xi Jinping thought’

Investors should steer clear of China while Xi’s crusade rages

North Korea conducting tests at reactor site: UN report

Royal Navy defies China en route to South China Sea

State Department Offers Millions for Information on Chinese Fentanyl Trafficker

Taiwan grows ever closer to Japan over vaccines, China fears

UK gunboat diplomacy fires blanks at China

Taiwan temptation keeps US guessing about Xi’s true intention

US Republicans want former Huawei unit added to economic blacklist

US-led digital trade proposal heats up new friction with China

Vessel Expelled From US After Discovery Of Chinese Insects

Wen: Life ‘Needs to Be Hard’ for Unvaccinated Americans

Xi’s China moves away from Deng Xiaoping’s ‘get rich first’

China announces new three-hour-a-week video game limit for kids

China Evergrande warns of default risk if it fails to sell assets

China foreign minister tells Blinken the world must ‘guide’ Taliban

China Media Call Xi’s Regulatory Storm a “Profound Revolution’’

China to limit children’s online gaming to 3 hours a week

Crazy English founder faces domestic abuse allegations

Hundreds of Americans Remain in Afghanistan as Deadline Looms

Newsom Praised Chinese Foreign Agent for ‘Journalistic Integrity’

Pakistan replaces its Belt and Road chief with Beijing favorite

Report: Chinese Paramilitary Trained Cuban ‘Black Beret’ Force

Reports: Cuba’s Internet Shutdown Fueled by Chinese Big Tech

Senate poised to vote on legislation countering China on multiple fronts

Shipping Rates From China To US Hit Record $20,000 With No Drop In Sight

Soros vs. China??? Xi Jinping ‘Most Dangerous Enemy’ of the Free World

Study finds Sinovac far less effective at reducing deaths in elderly

They Relied on Chinese Vaccines. Now They’re Battling Outbreaks

Threat Activity Group RedFoxtrot Linked to China’s PLA Unit 69010

TikTok overtakes Facebook as world’s most downloaded app

US lawmakers working on parallel tracks to bolster China tech policy

US Regulator Clamps Down on Chinese IPOs Over Risk Disclosures

US sanctions 23 more Chinese companies for suspected Xinjiang abuses

US-China rivalry hangs over Haiti a month after president’s killing

Beijing Says Sino–US Cooperation on Afghanistan Conditional on Washington’s ‘Attitude Toward China’

Biden Advisors Collaborated In CCP-Sponsored Event Aimed at Boosting China’s Global Power, Wiped Webpages Reveal

Local Chinese Communist Officials Share Video on Nuking Japan

China Evergrande’s troubles are wrecking Xi’s economic story

China subtext undercuts Kamala Harris’ language on inclusiveness

China extends hand to Taliban for rebuilding with eye on Xinjiang

Chinese Branch of US Company Issues Fake Reports Triggering Product Recalls in S Korea

China Ramped Up Cyberattacks On Australia After Prime Minister Morrison Asked For Investigation

Canada looks on as Biden rallies other allies to counter China | The Star

China’s STEM workforce a challenge for US policymakers

Half Million Chinese Sign Letter Demanding WHO Probe US Fort Detrick Lab

Xi Jinping Makes Surprise Trip to Tibet, Ignores Flooding in Central China

Here Comes China’s “National Team” To Bailout Markets

Manila mayor turns heads in Philippine presidential race

Pompeo: If Chinese Communists Able to Celebrate 200th Anniversary, We Will Live in a Very Different World

Russia and China’s hypocritical attempt to control cyberspace

San Diego Prosecutors Charge 4 in Global Chinese Spying

Shenzhen blazes trail for national data regulation: experts

Taiwan Reports Zero COVID Cases For First Time Since Outbreak Began In May

Traitorous, Chinese Owned Kemp Booed Off Stage, Runs Away After Blurting Out Lie

U.N. Backs China’s Claim that Nonexistent Uyghur Terrorists Are Active in Afghanistan

U.S. Military Bought Cameras in Violation of China Sanctions

US asked Britain to ‘restrain’ Martin Lee from holding 1997 Hong Kong protest

US Intel Agency Has “Moderate” Confidence Covid Escaped From Wuhan Lab: Origins Report

US-based babywear startup raises $510m from Chinese investors

Videos show Chinese authorities locking people inside their homes as Delta surges

World War 3: Chinese President Xi Jinping pledges for troops to expand Himalayan border

WW3 fears as China boasts US would have ‘no chance’ stopping invasion of Taiwan

Wuhan in Panic Mode: China Admits Residents Hoarding Food, Hiding amid Virus Surge

Yes, Virginia (Dare), COVID Could Have Been A Chinese Race-Based Bioweapon

Tibetans Chafe at Repression as China Celebrates 70 Years of Rule over Tibet

Rapidly rising suicides should jolt Malaysia’s leaders into action