Stealing Silicon Valley: They sure are suffering, aren’t they?

There is no backlog.

They’re are all Y2K Visa overstayers who are temporary guest workers.

They were all supposed to leave in 2003 when Y2K ended.

They created the fake backlog by filling for green cards when they weren’t supposed to.

They displaced 74 million working-age Americans from the labor force since 2000.

They entered the US on illegal H-1B work visas and didn’t posses the skills claimed.

They got trained by Americans, whom they displaced.

They are all in violation of Title 8 of Federal law.

They are all inadmissible aliens.

They are all influencing our gov’t illegally since they don’t even have voting rights + are non-constituents.

They are all working in America illegally.

They are all trying to get an illegal race-based law passed which would give most green cards to Indians for the next 15 years.

They are all RICO organized crime.

They are all racist.

And now they all control our government.

Krishnamoorthy has ties to India’s racist Hindutva Nazi crime organization.

Their real goal is silent invasion + conquest of our nation.

The country caps were part of the original law to stop any one nation from taking all green cards – the way it should be. Now the Indian Mafia wants those caps removed so it can get most green cards.

The EAGLE Act is a racist, illegal bill.

It will not protect American workers, as claimed.

It protects Indians workers who are all Y2K Visa Overstayers.

In fact, it would give them the right to remain in the US forever.

Displaced Americans would never get their jobs back.

Race-based laws are illegal in the US.

A foreign power is trying to change our immigration laws.

But that is what the Indian Mafia wants.

Wake up America. Call your Congresspeople now and demand the EAGLE Act be stopped now.

Are Kathy Manning and Deborah Ross taking cash from India and Indian companies? We need a full investigation now.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Raja Krishnamoorthi: The RSS’s Man in US Congress | by Pieter Friedrich | Medium

Hindutva Harassment Field Manual

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes

You already occupy Silicon Valley and most US STEM jobs. What is fair about that?

It’s displaced American workers who have been suffering unfairness for decades at the hands of the Indian Mafia.

74 million Americans can’t find work because of these people.

It is displaced American workers who need relief, not Indian invaders + Y2K Visa Overstayers.

Hindutva and the Hindu Rashtra – Satyameva

Indians’ idea of “fair immigration”: 100% Indians.

Indians’ idea of “fair immigration”: 100% Indians.

India’s idea of diversity + inclusion – 100% Indians.

The “plight” of job-robbing Indian thieves suffering in a non-existent green card backlog.

Stop lying. Millions of L-1 visa holders brought into America by India Inc staffing agencies don’t pay any taxes, which is why the US is $27 trillion in debt.