Antifa Supporting Teacher Reportedly Admits to Indoctrinating Students

Are the DOJ and IRS backpedaling on considering cryptocurrency as property?

Arizona students get lower standardized test results during the pandemic

AZ Senate wants to keep 2,900 audit documents private

Despite lawsuit, city begins posting signs banning RV parking

Doobie Brothers try to keep long train running, 50 years on

Former National Security Adviser: ‘We’re Going to Equip the Iranian Army for the Next Few Decades with What We Left Behind in Afghanistan’

Former President Donald Trump Joins the John Fredericks Show to Discuss the Incompetent Withdrawal

Grand Canyon rangers scale back search for missing Texas man

Maricopa County reports season’s first West Nile death, warns about mosquitoes

Mass immigration plus COVID equals hospital cycle of crisis

Phoenix ATF agents among first in federal body-worn camera program

Phoenix police officer hit by vehicle at crime scene

Rain from monsoon season in Arizona brings toxic Sonoran Desert toads

Senate Inquiry: Raise temporary migrant wage floor

Taliban ‘Holding’ Americans ‘Hostage’ at Afghanistan Airport: Top Republican Lawmaker

Tennessee Democratic Party in Trouble with the FEC, Must Pay Large Fine

Texas Passes Law Targeting Social Media Companies for Alleged Censorship

The very rich already have a plan to escape Biden’s tax increase

University of NC Course Says WWII Was ‘Japan’s Attempt to Roll Back Euro-American Colonialism’

‘I’m not going to live a coward’s life, fearing death every day’: Catholic parents facing jailing time for opposing lockdowns

‘Unknown hazards’ found on Sierra National Forest trail near where Calif. family was found dead

‘Cheers’ Star Kirstie Alley, 70, Says She Used Ivermectin, Joe Rogan Protocol To Treat COVID And Recovered In 12 Days

‘This Is Bad’: Russian Cosmonauts Find Tiny Cracks in International Space Station

‘I’ve never seen stupidity like this’: Trump rips into Biden admin

“Absolute Shocker”: China’s Service Economy Unexpectedly Implodes With 2nd Worst Non-Mfg PMI Print On Record | ZeroHedge

“Hit The Pause Button”: Manchin Throws Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Plan Into Disarray

“Rental Policy Shock”: 750,000 Households Are About To Be Evicted – What Happens To The Economy | ZeroHedge

“We’re Done Asking for Permission”: Angry Mama Bear Tells School Board “Cubs” Will Refuse to Wear Masks

130 Retired Generals, Admirals Call for Biden Admin Resignations over Fatally Botched Afghanistan Exit

17 Killed in Taliban’s Celebratory Gunfire in Kabul After ‘Panjshir Take-Over’

2 drown jumping off same bridge near Mount Shasta a week apart

2:05:36 FULL SHOW: Ivermectin Wins Nobel Peace Prize For Being A “Wonder Drug”! War Room With Owen Shroyer 13.7K views · 6 hours ago

27:56 Nurse Warns America: Unvaccinated Americans Now Being Denied Healthcare! War Room With Owen Shroyer 40.4K views · 5 hours ago

Joe Rogan Edited By Fake Media To Look Sick War Room With Owen Shroyer

30 Years After Communism Fell, Putin Offers Alternative To Globalism

39% of French Believe Islam Will Become France’s Primary Religion

55 Things We Are Told the ‘Whole-of-Government’ Is Doing

6 people shot in Washington, at least 3 dead – Times of India

7 Examples That Show How Completely And Utterly Insane Our Society Has Become

A Legal Immigrant Against Amnesty | RealClearPolicy

AAPI launches ‘Adopt a Village’ rural health initiative in India

Abortion Clinic Rushed to Complete 67 Abortions in 17 Hours Before Texas ‘Heartbeat’ Law Took Effect

ACLU Says The State Forcing People To Take Vaccines Is A Victory For Civil Liberties

ADP Private Payrolls Fall Far Short of Expectations

Aerial Photos of Covid Concentration Camps Revealed

Afghan Refugees Not Tested for COVID Before Landing in US

Afghanistan ‘Architect’? My Evening With Don Rumsfeld

Afghanistan: photos show US military equipment left behind at Kabul

Afghans Catching Ubers to Leave Texas Military Base, Ted Cruz Warns

Afghans Face Bank Runs, Food Shortages As Taliban Work To Form Government

After Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Pro-Biden National Security Experts Conspicuously Quiet

Alexandria Public Schools: ‘White Teachers Need Anti-Racist Therapy’ Alexandria Public Schools: ‘White Teachers Need Anti-Racist Therapy’

Amazon Air Delivery Now Runs 164 Flights A Day Despite ‘Commitment’ To Carbon Neutrality

Amendment Would Ban Military from Promoting Critical Race Theory

America’s Dunkirk: 245 Years Ago, Real Leadership Saved a Nation.

America’s Lack of Leadership on Full Display With Vaccination Policies

American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property

American Woman Stranded in Afghanistan Says She’s Losing Hope: ‘Am I Going to End Up Dying Here?’

Americans Cry For Help From Afghanistan

Angry Biden Refuses to Admit Mistakes in Disastrous Afghanistan Exit

Anonymous Biden Official ‘Absolutely Appalled’ Americans Left Behind

Anti-Refugee Hawks Dominate EU Talks on Afghanistan

AOC Defends Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal: A ‘Courageous Decision’

AOC: ‘Christian Extremists’ Are ‘Passing Forced Birth Laws’

Audit updates: ‘At least 2 weeks’ until final report

Aussie Authorities Can LEGALLY CHANGE Citizens’ Social Media Posts

Australia Could Force Citizens To Report Their Location On-Demand Via Government Tracking App

Australia rejects Beijing’s bid to tighten grip on South China Sea

Be Happy, Eat a Big Hamburger (It Bugs Them)

Biden & Bennett Renewed Agreement On Israel’s Secret Nuclear Weapons Program

Biden Admin Erases Afghan Weapons Reports From Federal Websites

Biden Admin Must Provide Detailed Info About Americans Left in Afghanistan: GOP Senators

Biden Admin Releases $65 Billion Plan to Handle Future Pandemics

Biden Chief of Staff: No Plan To Evacuate Abandoned Americans In Afghanistan

Biden Launches Investigation into Broken McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines

Biden to Turn U.S. Military Bases into Refugee Camps for 50K Afghans

Biden’s Broken Promise: Americans Still Stranded in Afghanistan

Biden’s DHS: Afghans ‘Flagged for Concern’ Have Sought Entry to U.S.

BidenCare Blows ObamaCare Costs Out of the Water

Big Tech Censorship Hides Reuters Article Exposing Metallic Contaminants in COVID Shots

Bill Clinton seen spending time with billionaire sugar baron Fanjul brothers

Blackburn: Biden Has Done More for the Taliban and China than American Families

Blinken Was Vacationing in the Hamptons Before Kabul Fell

BLM’s War on Heritage Expands, More Statues Targetted for Removal

Bollywood in shock over loss of ‘younger brother’ Sidharth

Britain’s Socialised National Health Service Pushing Woke ‘Whiteness’ Ideology

Brownback: Afghanistan Now ‘Desperate and Deadly’ for Christians

Bubble watch: California consumer confidence falls again – Silicon Valley

Bus Stop at 65: The movie that changed Marilyn Monroe’s career forever

BUSTED: Biden Adviser Samantha Power Shuns Federal Law, Rides Amtrak WITHOUT A MASK

CA’s plan to make new buildings greener will also raise costs

California Admits Grid At Risk Amid Push To Greenify Economy

California’s State Pension Invests Millions in Chinese State-Owned Companies

Chase Bank Apologizes For Canceling Michael Flynn’s Credit Card, Claims It Was A Mistake

Chase Bank Cancels General Mike Flynn’s Credit Cards | ZeroHedge

Chatting With Larry Elder: The Mystery of California

Chicago Schools Facing Crisis as Vaccine Mandate Forces Bus Drivers to Quit

China rejects blame for sharp rise in US fentanyl overdoses

Chip Roy Blasts Colleagues for Voting to Draft Women into the Military: All of DC ‘Can Go Straight to Hell’

Climate Change Warrior Emma Watson Spotted on Private Twin-Turbine Helicopter

CNN’s Lemon on Americans in Afghanistan: ‘We Don’t Know if We Left Them Behind Yet’

Commentary: Something Is Wrong with America’s Top Commanders – Tennessee Star

Commerce Dept. Will Shutter Unit That Conducted Rogue Investigations – The New York Times

Communist Teachers Being Exposed and Fired for Indoctrinating American Students: Watch Live

Countries Around the World Ban COVID Shots for Children

COVID Cure CDC/Deep State Is Hiding Is Getting Out—New Study Show Probiotic Effective

Crenshaw: ‘We Have no Ability to Keep Americans Safe Anymore’

Criminal Migrants, Gang Members Apprehended by Border Patrol Up 265%

Cruz on Biden Importing Afghan Child Brides: Every Official Involved Is a Disgrace

David Spade Rips Cancel Mob ‘Digging Through’ Someone’s Life ‘to Take Them Down’

DC Court Sends Man to Jail for Watching “Conspiracy Theory” Videos Online

De Niro: Trump Is Possibly ‘Crazy’ In A ‘Medical Sense’

Dem Arrested For Stabbing Vaccine Freedom Demonstrator

Democrat Demings Refuses to Admit Failures in Afghanistan

Democrats Melt Down As Texas Heartbeat Bill Goes Into Effect

Democrats Tuck Female Draft Into Defense Bill

DeSantis: ‘I Am Going to Look More Significantly’ at Texas Abortion Law

Desperation! Gavin Newsom: More People Will Die If I’m Recalled

DOEd Targets Five GOP-Controlled States for School Masking Policies

Don Jr: Biden Targets Americans but Taliban’s Machine Guns Get a Pass

Dukes of Hazzard’s Schneider: Biden Should Not ‘Show His Face’ in Louisiana

Efforts to Cancel University Faculty Skyrocketed in 2020

empty streets of South Lake Tahoe

Enraged Leftists Compare Pro-Lifers to Taliban After SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Eugenics 101: Abortion Lobby Warns TX Law Will Flood States with Down Syndrome Children

Europe is done fighting America’s battles

Even Joe Lieberman Rips Biden over Afghanistan Withdrawal

Ex-Obama Interior Secretary Salazar Sworn in as new US Ambassador to Mexico

Exclusive — Donald Trump on Joe Biden: ‘There’s Something Wrong’ with Him Kamala ‘probably wants to get away. Who can blame her?’ Says Foreign Leaders Calling Him to Complain About Biden

Exclusive — Trump: All States Should Go to Paper Ballots, Same-Day in-Person Voting, Voter ID

Facebook Removes AL Lt. Gov.’s Post Calling for Biden Impeachment

Federal Judge Dismisses Jurors Who Haven’t Gotten COVID-19 Vaccines

Federal Use Of Facial Recognition Technology Expanding: GAO Report

Fitful 48 Hours For Americans, Afghans Trying To Escape | ZeroHedge

FLASHBACK: Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of ‘great apostasy’ in Church

Florida to Start Issuing $5,000 Fine for Requiring Proof of Coronavirus Vaccine

For Some Millennials, a Starter Home Is Hard to Find – WSJ

Former Merkel adviser German ambassador to China dies at age 54 – Texas News Today

Former Zebulon burger joint sold to fast food chain Cook Out for over $1 mil

GA Sec of State Brad Raffensperger Wants U.S. Justice Department to Release Contacts with Stacey Abrams

GOP Rep. Meijer: Biden Admin Participating in ‘Ongoing Deception’ About Conditions in Afghanistan

Growing inequalities, reflecting growing employer power, have generated a productivity–pay gap since 1979: Productivity has grown 3.5 times as much as pay for the typical worker | Economic Policy Institute

Happy Labor Day Weekend From CNN: You’re A Terrorist! Acosta Freakout: MAGA = American Taliban…

Henry Ford: A Glimpse of Jewish International Politics | National Vanguard

House of Lords Member Asked Why Brits Are Forced to Take PCR COVID Tests on Returning to UK But Illegal Migrants Aren’t

How Silicon Valley Became a Den of Spies – POLITICO Magazine

Huckabee: Outsourcing Americans’ Protection to the Taliban Is Like ‘Outsourcing Your Diet Plan to Michael Moore’ | CNSNews

Hyderabad woman hangs herself while on video call with husband – INDIA New England News

In Marvel Cinematic Universe, Whites Have No Place

Independent Investigator Debunks Ivermectin Overdose Story

India: How a Muslim doctor was incarcerated for raising his voice

Indian pilots to return to Russia soon for customised space suits

It’s ‘hard to exaggerate’ how ‘dangerously bad’ US President Joe Biden is

Italians Face €1,000 Fines for Not Presenting Vaccine Passport

Ivermectin in Africa Blocks Covid –

Jay Leno: Either Accept Cancel Culture ‘or You Die’

Jerome Powell’s Quest For Economic Stability Is Destabilizing

Jim Jordan: Biden ‘Has Not Done One Thing Right’ — GOP Will Take Back the House in 2022

Joe Biden Must Resign.

Joe Biden Opens U.S. Borders to Nearly 24K Afghans in Last Two Weeks

Joe Biden Struggles to Defend Historic Jobs Report Failure Joe Biden Struggles to Defend Historic Jobs Report Failure 2,127

Joe Kent for WA-3 on Twitter: “An honor to be endorsed by General Michael Flynn. An American Patriot. #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸” / Twitter

Joe Montana picks up cozy Malibu beach house

Joe Rogan After Contracting Virus: ‘Had One Bad Day,’ ‘I Feel Good’

Joe Rogan Announces He Has COVID

John Pilger: The Great Game of smashing countries — RT Op-ed

Judge Dismisses Unvaccinated Jurors in Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Trial

Judge Forces Hospital To Treat Dying Man With Ivermectin

Kamala Harris: Texas Abortion Law Will Hurt ‘Women of Color’

Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Album Breaks Spotify, Apple Music Records

Kerala: 12-yr-old boy dies of Nipah virus

Kim orders tougher virus steps after N Korea shuns vaccines

King County Councilman calls for plan to help Afghan refugees settle here

Liz Cheney Appointed Vice Chair of Controversial January 6 Commission

Magical Thinking About Green Energy

Malkin: Ivermectin—Horse Hockey Versus Truth

Manufacturer Raises Wages to Compete for Employees

Many remote workers are not paying attention in online meetings

Marine Stripped of Duty After Rebuking Incompetent Biden Leadership

Mario Andretti go-kart chain buys land in Chandler

Mark Cuban Has to Pay Texas if He Refuses to Play the Anthem Again

Marseille Ravaged by Deadly Drug Gang Wars

Mass immigration plus COVID equals hospital cycle of crisis

McCarthy: Biden Promised He Would Not Leave Afghanistan Until Every Single American Was Out

McCaul: Taliban Is Holding American Citizens, Afghan Allies ‘Hostage’ McCaul: Taliban Is Holding American Citizens, Afghan Allies ‘Hostage’ 2,050

Meanwhile In Canada, Rural Shack Sells For 37% Above Asking Within Days

Media Melt Down! Joe Rogan Confirms Ivermectin, Z-Pac Cured COVID in 3 Days

Medical Tyranny Being Used To Attack The 2nd Amendment

Mexican Boxer Jeanette Zacarias Zapata,18, Dies After Repeated Punches to the Head

Meijer: Biden Doesn’t Want Afghanistan to Be the Focus

Migrant Dies After Fall from Arizona Border Wall

Millions To Lose Benefits As Pandemic Jobless Aid Expires

Mobile internet remains suspended in Kashmir

Mom flees Caldor Fire while waiting to hear if son survived in Afghanistan

Most Monumental Social Engineering and Ideological Transshipment Effort in History

Most Voters Think Congress Should Investigate Afghanistan Withdrawal Most Voters Think Congress Should Investigate Afghanistan Withdrawal 1,518

New Cracks on ISS Expose Deteriorating State of Russian Segment

New Zealand: 6 Stabbed by ‘ISIS-Inspired’ Migrant Terrorist

New Orleans 911 Operator Wanted for Allegedly Hanging Up on Calls218

Nigeria Confirms Disappearance of Almost 70 Children in Mass Abduction

No, Nordics Are Not ‘Big Government’, ‘Socialist’, ‘High Corporate Tax’ Nations | ZeroHedge

Northgate Link light rail testing moves into final stages

Now They Love Audits! Election Security ’Experts’ Step in with Newsom on Brink of Recall in California

Oakland hotel is slated to be transformed into affordable homes

Ohio Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Ventilated COVID-19 Patient With Ivermectin

Outraged Parents Address School Board After Project Veritas Exposé on Marxist Teacher

Patel’s communalism—a documented record

Pelosi: It’s ‘Cowardly’ for Supreme Court Not to Uphold the Right to Kill an Unborn Baby With a Heartbeat

Pennsylvania Lawmakers, Parents Sue Governor Over School Mask Mandate

Perfect Phone Call? Republicans Demand Unedited Transcript After Biden Tells Afghan President To Lie

Pinal County rejects $3.4 million COVID-19 vaccine grant

Pfizer CEO Predicts Vaccine-Resistant COVID-19 Variant Likely to Emerge

Plaster Turns Out To Be Racist In Cambridge. Why Not? It’s White!

Poland Arrests Agitators Sabotaging Border Fence

Poll: 58 Percent Will Oppose Gavin Newsom Recall Poll: 58 Percent Will Oppose Gavin Newsom Recall 967

Poll: Almost Half of the Electorate Deems Illegal Immigration a ‘Critical Threat’

Poll: One in Five Americans Want to Take Back Their 2020 Biden Vote

Pompeo: ‘President Biden Knew the Truth’ on Afghanistan

Pope Calls for Adoption of ‘Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle’

Pope Francis: Abortion Is at the Root of Europe’s ‘Demographic Winter’

President Biden Claims Killing an Unborn Baby Who Has a Beating Heart is a ‘Private and Personal’ Decision

Pro-Antifa Teacher in California to Be Fired After Project Veritas Video – Tennessee Star

Pro-Life Win: SCOTUS Lets Texas Six Week Abortion Ban Stand

Project Veritas Headquarters Destroyed

Proposed CA vaccine verification bill on ice

Psaki Ignores Biden’s Afghan Transcript Leak — Demanded Details from Trump’s Ukraine Leak

Psaki Tells Male Reporter Who Asks About Texas Abortion Law That He’s Never Been Pregnant

Psaki: ‘Of Course We’re Worried’ Texas Abortion Law Could Lead to Abortion Bans in Other States

Public Service Company of New Mexico defends $300 million outlay

Purging Patriots from the Military

Quantitative Brainwashing

Rabobank: The Battle That Actually Matters Is Elsewhere

Radio derb 2021-09-03 Radio Derb: Invade, Invite, Continued; Here Come The Afghans, And Not Cynical Enough, Etc.

Reddit Bans Vaccine-Skeptic Subreddit r/NoNewNormal – Days After CEO Said He Wouldn’t

Redistricting Will Reflect The Diverse Face Of America – Best Indian American Magazine | San Jose CA | India Currents

Reigning Doughnuts reopening in Charlotte

Renton police searching for murder suspect

Rep. Jim Jordan Adds to Trump 2024 Buzz: ‘I Think He’s Gonna Run’

Rep. Mast: Biden Should Be Impeached for ‘Treason’ and Schizophrenia Rep. Mast: Biden Should Be Impeached for ‘Treason’ and Schizophrenia 1,566

Report: Afghans Arriving at U.S. Military Bases to Get $1,250 Payments

Restaurant Owner Alleges She Received Death Threats After Telling Biden Supporters to Stay Away

RINO Sen. Cassidy: Texas Abortion Bill Will Be “Destroyed” By SCOTUS

Robocop Is Here: Singapore Deploys Robots To Detect “Undesirable Behavior” Including Groups Of “More Than Five People”

Rocker David Crosby Blasts Bandmate Neil Young: ‘Most Self-Centered, Self-Obsessed, Selfish Person I Know’

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to visit Rajasthan this month | India Post News Paper

Russia Sending Huge Arms Shipment, & “Maybe Even S-400s”, To Belarus: Lukashenko

Russia Strategy: In Order to Exist, Not to Prevail

Satanic Temple Rallies Against Texas Abortion Law Satanic Temple Rallies Against Texas Abortion Law

Sen. Joe Manchin Writes He Won’t Support Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill

SF Archbishop Calls Out Pelosi, Biden: Can’t Be a ’Good Catholic’ and Support Abortion

Social Security Will Not Be Able To Pay Promised Benefits By 2034

Social Security won’t be able to pay full benefits by 2034x

Software US Air Force chief software officer quits after launching Hellfire missile of a LinkedIn post at his former bosses Too many inexperienced project managers and not enough DevSecOps

Soros’ Dream: To Turn China Into A Neoliberal Grabitization Opportunity

South Dakota Governor Orders Review of Abortion Laws After Texas 6-Week Ban Stands

Southern Border Apprehensions At Two-Decade High | ZeroHedge

Sprouts CFO leaves for another retailer

Sri Lanka’s food emergency heightens fears of militarization

Stellar Collision Triggers Supernova Explosion

Students Stage Walk Out Protesting Mask Mandate

Studies show that 9/11 still affects American activity

Stunning Poll Reveals Trump Would Win Election Held Today, as Nearly 1 in 10 Democrats ‘Regret’ Their 2020 Vote.

Subpoena Tsunami: House Dems Issue Hundreds Of Secret Subpoenas Targeting GOP Colleagues & Others

Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One of the Most Vaccinated Nations

Switzerland wants to be a haven for Indian startups

Taliban accuse US of intentionally destroying equipment at airport

Taliban To Announce “Inclusive” Government Saturday, With ‘Commander Of The Faithful’ On Top

Taliban to the West: ‘You Should Not Be Changing Our Culture’

Tamarac City Manager Charged With Extortion

Ted Nugent: Nature Will Heal the Soul

Tesla Reportedly Targeting $25,000 “Model 2” With No Steering Wheel By 2023

Texas Border Patrol Overwhelmed By Unborn Babies Seeking Asylum From Other States | The Babylon Bee

Texas Factory Production Crashed in August

Texas Gov. Abbott Border Wall Building Campaign Garners $53M in One Month

Texas Rangers Set Aside 13 Flag-Draped Seats to Remember the Fallen Heroes in Afghanistan

The Cynical, Despicable ‘Stuttering’ Con Unravels

The Dangers Ahead in Afghani Mass Resettlement |

The Four Horsemen of the Coming Crash, Pt 1

The Mark of the Beast Has Arrived

The Orwellian Vaccine Passport Agenda Relies On The Lie Of The “Social Contract”

The plight of Afghan women under Taliban rule

The U.S. Dollar will Continue as the World’s Reserve Currency

The War In Afghanistan Is What Happens When McKinsey Types Run Everything | ZeroHedge

There’s A Problem In The Upper Reaches Of Our Military

This Is How America’s Ultra Wealthy Are Evading The Democrats’ New Taxes

Too Many Afghans and Not Enough Welfare For Them

Top Health Officials Push Back Against Biden’s Booster Jabs Plan

Train T-bones Truck Carrying Wind Turbine Blade

Trump Announces Historic Interview Exclusively With The Gateway Pundit

Trump Blasts Political Enemies, Warns About Future of U.S. in Wide-Ranging Interview w John Fredericks

Trump Endorses Herschel Walker in Georgia Race for Senate

Trump Says Adam Schiff Should Be Arrested For Treason

Trump Warned Against Hasty Withdrawal from Afghanistan Four Years Ago

Trump’s H-1B visa rules are in its final stages of ending – Indica news

Tucker Carlson: U.S. Military Has Been Lying To Us For 20 Years

Tucker: Democrats have abandoned their ‘my body, my choice’ argument

Tucker: In the Age of ‘Not Your Body, Not Your Choice’ Vaccines, What’s Dems’ Argument Against Texas Abortion Law?

Undiluted Evil Investing In The ‘Vaccine’ & Funding Those Approving Its Safety

U.S. and India hold strategic talks at 2+2 Intercessional Dialogue

U.S. to help build border facilities on Tajik-Afghan border – embassy | Reuters

Uber Pledges $1 Million to Help Afghan ‘Refugees’

US ‘clearly’ has less appetite for foreign intervention: UK’s Raab

US Auto Sales Crash As Dealer Inventory Hits New Record Low

US Commander visits India  | India Post News Paper

US General Says Most of Those Evacuated From Afghanistan to Qatar Are Now in Europe, US

US wrestles with Taliban sanctions as crisis looms

US strands over 500 journalists in Afghanistan: Congressman Michael McCaul

USCIS Ombudsman: USCIS Ombudsman: A solution to difficult immigration cases – The Economic Times

Vaccine Mandates ‘Creating a Two-Tier Society’ in the US: Expert

Vast majority of Indians evacuated from Afghanistan, very few left: MEA

VIDEO: FL Gator Combusts Upon Swallowing Drone

Wall-Building Greek Govt Vows Country Will Not Be Gateway for Migrants

War on Unborn Priorities: Biden Launches ‘Whole-of-Government Effort’ to Fight Texas Pro-Life Law Left Mobilizes After Summer of Failure

Watch Alex Jones Take Nobel Prize Winning Drug Ivermectin

Watch the Censored Alex Jones Interview on The Great Reset

Watch: Shocking Footage Of NYC, NJ Flooding After Torrential Rain

WATCH: Taliban Blames U.S. for 9/11 in Film Celebrating Suicide Squads

Weak Jobs Report Could Cool Fed’s Tapering Plans

White House Still Cannot Explain Why ‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Supports Abortion…

Who Are All the Afghans We Airlifted? Will We Ever be Told?

Who Are They?

Why do “Health Authorities” and Presstitutes Lie to Us about Covid? –

Why Is the US in Denial About al-Qaeda — a Real Threat Under Taliban? | OPINION

Willard Scott, 35-year-old swaying weather forecaster on TV’Today’show, dies at age 87 – Texas News Today

Woman Arrested Trying to Enter Hawaii With ‘Maderna’ Covid-19 Vaccine Card

Women Protest Taliban, Demanding Role in Sharia Government

World failing people with dementia: WHO

Wow! CDC Gives Incoming Refugees Nobel Prize-Winning Ivermectin

World First: Airplane Flies Through Tunnel at 152 MPH, Sets World Records

World Food Prices Jump In August To Near Decade High

Wut Afghanistan? Biden Deploys Kerry to China for Climate Talks

Young Rapper Goes Viral For Anti-Communist Lyrics

Employ American Workers Act

Opinion: White fear is the wrong way to tell the Census story

Pentagon Won’t Name ISIS Terrorists Killed in Airstrike

Report: Amazon Plans to Censor More Sites from Cloud Hosting


Apple delays plan to scan US iPhones for child sexual abuse images

Google will soon let you use the Assistant without saying ‘Hey, Google’

‘Zuckerberg Money Paid for the People Who Boarded Up the Windows and Kicked America Out’

8 US States to Adopt Apple Digital ID, Driver’s License

AI + ML Only ‘natural persons’ can be recognized as patent inventors, not AI systems, US judge rules This isn’t over says man pushing for neural networks’ rights 2 days | 72

Amazon to launch its own TV by October: Report

Android app support could be coming to Xbox as well as Windows 11 PCs

Apple faces antitrust complaint in India for misusing dominant play in apps

Apple Halts Plan to Scan Child Sex Abuse Images in iPhones

Apple in talks with Toyota about Apple Car production: Report – INDIA New England News

Battery pioneer Akira Yoshino on Tesla, Apple and the electric future

Big Alameda office building lands tenant and buyer

China wants to build a mega spaceship that’s nearly a mile long | Live Science

Developers appear to be losing interest in macOS

Dutch Bros. gets go-ahead from East Bay city officials for new 24-hour drive-thru

Facebook Gaming reopens applications for its Black Gaming Creator Program

FTC Bans Stalkerware App SpyFone

Fusion Ignition: What Does The NIF’s 1.3 MJ Yield Mean For Fusion Research?

Google Maps, Now On The NES

Google wants to ‘advance cybersecurity’ by fixing open-source and increasing training

HomeLight moves San Francisco headquarters out of CA amid rapid growth

HomeLight raises $363 mil round at $1.6 bil unicorn valuation

How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media ft. MKBHD

How The Chinese Tycoon Driving Volvo Plans to Tackle Tesla

India set to investigate Apple over antitrust accusation

Jury has been seated in the Theranos criminal trial

Lurch to right may imperil Texas’s attraction for employers – Silicon Valley

Microsoft Says Chinese Hackers Were Behind SolarWinds Serv-U SSH 0-Day Attack

Parler wants an apology from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg

Report: DOJ Prepares Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google over Ad-Tech

Retail plaza planned across the street from Facebook data center

Riaz Capital acquires Oakland’s Z Hotel for housing

Russian watchdog urges Apple and Google to remove Alexei Navalny’s app

Suit: Apple, Google Recording Users Without Their Knowledge

Sun-Like Stars Devour Their Own Planets, New Study Claims

Tesla leases entire office building in San Jose tech hub

The 1,170 words you can’t use with GitHub Copilot

Theranos Trial Recalls Joe Biden Effusive Praise for Fraud Elizabeth Holmes

Thirteen US lawmakers back Lockheed-Aerojet merger in new letter

TX Bill Aimed at Big Tech Censorship Likely to Pass

Upgrade Board Adds GPIO Pins To Your Replica PDP-11

US National Labor Relations Board investigating two Apple employee complaints

Virgin Galactic Shares Plunge As FAA Grounds Flights Pending Probe

Virtualization VMware shreds planned support for ‘cheese grater’ Mac Pro Sorry, vAdmins, you probably don’t have an excuse to buy Apple’s $699 wheels 3 hrs | 3

Vivo’s the latest company to announce an in-house chip

YouTuber made a giant F key inspired by the ‘Pay Respects’ meme


The Man Who Was Godzilla

Beloved Voice Actor Fujiwara Keiji Passes Away at Age 55

Countering China is top priority for Japan PM contender Kishida

Japan to issue online vaccine certificates in December

Japan-built flying car set for first test flights on home turf

Japan’s Yoshihide Suga to resign as prime minister

Japanese disapproval of Suga’s COVID response hits near-record high

Japanese engineers find greener pastures with Chinese automakers

Japanese mayor who bit athlete’s gold medal tests positive for coronavirus

Japanese netizens react to U.S. dentist offering free cleanings if you beat him at Smash Bros

Japanese shipping giant planning to start autonomous cargo ships by 2025

Mazda Unveils Its First Mass Market Electric Car

Mural of slain Japanese doctor Tetsu Nakamura erased in Afghan capital

New contender in Japan ruling party race seeks to be first female PM

Panasonic Develops World’s First HDR Capable VR Eyeglasses

SoftBank to Establish “Beyond AI Institute”