Birthplace of Computer Software Developers in Hudson County, New Jersey, percentages, 1980-2018

As the data shows, Silicon Valley + tech is massively racially biased against American workers by a ratio of at least 3:1.

Why are 70% of software devs in Silicon Valley foreign born?

And as the data shows – Silicon Valley was built by Americans, not by foreign workers.

Foreign workers didn’t begin arriving until 1990 – and not in large numbers until 200022 years after the PC industry was launched in 1978.

Foreign workers did not build Silicon Valley – and America doesn’t need them.

They need us – and our jobs.

We’re being robbed, America – by foreign parasites.

According to the graph, Indian tech workers are now almost 60% while Americans are just over 20% – proving that Americans who built the industry are being displaced on a massive scale.

Only 25% of American tech workers are allowed to work in tech in the US.

Why is this allowed by the US gov’t + EEOC?

H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

7  2018      Alameda County CA 48,897      24.6  50.0  12.0  13.3

Alameda County, CA has nearly 3 times more foreign-born devs than Americans.

This is criminal.