2 men taken to emergency room after being ejected from cars in Phoenix

Record number of Aussies hold multiple jobs

Austrac: Money laundering inflating property values

Fauci Busted!

Former President Trump to Host Rally in Georgia

Here’s why so many big caterpillars are wriggling around AZ

Indian FTA must not include migration

Motorcyclist dies in crash on U.S. Highway 101

Nikole Hannah-Jones Says Her Privately Funded School Program Won’t Teach CRT

No Healthcare For Unvaxxed

Pedestrian killed near Loop 101 and Baseline Road

Pennsylvania Senate Panel Wants Citizens to Testify If They Witnessed Election Malfeasance

Talking Duck Stuns Animal Behavior Researcher

Toddler boy drowns in Phoenix swimming pool, dies

…Broken Promises: WH Perviously Rejected Federal Mandates…

…Italian Coast Guard Finds 125 Boat Migrants on Uninhabited Island

…Joe Investigated for Use of Public Land for 9/11 ‘Victory Lap’

…Moms for America Calls for National Parents Strike…

‘Biblical Scene’ as Thousands of Afghans Migrate West Across Pakistan Desert

…RNC to Sue…

‘Independent’ Michigan Redistricting Commissioner Donated to Left-Wing Causes

‘You Leave Americans Behind!’: Joe Biden Berated By Crowd in New Jersey

“COVID Zero” New Zealand Has Completed Its Transformation Into A Full-Blown Police State

“Housing Is A Human Right”: Rent Activists Step Up Pressure Ahead Of German Elections


2 FDA Officials Stepping Down Over Disagreements w White House Over Booster

2 teen pedestrians killed in eastern Contra Costa; DUI suspect arrested

2-bedroom in Millennium Tower: Guess the rent

20th Anniversary Of Tyranny Draws Nigh – Watch

3 cited after threatening Tucson principal with zip ties over COVID-19

58 Shot, Including 7 Children, in Chicago Over Labor Day Weekend

83 Unaccompanied Migrant Children Found in Single Group in AZ Desert

95-foot neon ladder ended up on San Francisco’s Market Street

Accenture makes millions by cleaning Facebook’s dirty content.

Actress Exposes “Evil… No Soul” Hillary, “I’ve Been In a Motel Room With Your Husband and Here Comes The Bomb”

Afghan Evacuees are Going to KY

Afghan Man Stabs Female Gardener in Berlin Park Because She Was a ‘Working Woman’

Afghanistan Brings Disaster, but No Responsibility Is Taken

Afghans Dumped at Virginia Hospital Allowed to Wander Off

Afghans Lying About Their Identities to Get Resettled in US

Albanian Suspect Stabs Own Wife, Friend in France

America Is Back! 63% Believe Biden Botched the Afghanistan Withdrawal

Ancient Qui Tam Legal Approach Used to Enforce the Immigration Law

AP: Afghans Lying About Their Identities to Get Resettled in U.S

Are Our Children a Means to an End?

Arizona AG Deems Tucson Vax Mandate Violation of Law

Arizona GOP Senate Candidates Battle Over Big Tech Bona Fides

Aussie Public Health Chief Says COVID Contact Tracing is Part of “New World Order”

Australia Is Now Confiscating Booze Delivered To People Forced Into Lockdown

Australian Airline Qantas to Ban Unvaccinated Travelers from International Flights

Australian Foreign Minister, Defence Minister to visit India for 2+2 talks

Australian PM Takes Private Jet, Fails to Quarantine While Citizens Remain Under Lockdown

Austrian Chancellor Kurz: Afghans ‘Must Not Go to Europe’

Authoritarianism Pandemic is the Real Threat: Ron Paul

Authorities Close CA River Where Family of Three Mysteriously Died

AZ: Islamic Honor Killing Thwarted for Now

Bay Area parents fume as schools send healthy kids home after COVID exposure

Beast System Swallows Freedom Worldwide Digital tracking system being rolled out

Behind The Mask Of Incompetence, It’s All Calculated

Belarus Floods EU with Migrants from Middle East :: Gatestone Institute

Better for India, Russia to work together on Afghan agenda: Indian Envoy

Biden Admin Wants to Bring Back Arms Trade Treaty

Biden Builds Taliban Back Better: US Equipment Fuels Resurgent Islamists

Biden DOJ Sues Texas over Abortion Law

Biden Forces Out Trump Appointees From Military Academy Advisory Boards

Biden Mulls ‘Lite’ Version of Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Biden Unveils Most Severe COVID Actions Yet: Mandates Vax For All Federal Workers, Contractors, & Large Private Companies

Biden Wants $6.4B in Taxpayer Money to Resettle 95K Afghans

Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster Proves Trump’s 2020 Loss Was a ‘Catastrophe’

Big Tech Companies Mobilize To Disrupt Texas Abortion Law

Bjarke Ingels unveil plans for 5-million-person city in the American desert

Black Marine General: Corps Needs “Increased Diversity” To Face China And Russia

Blinken: We’ll Engage With the Taliban ‘In Ways That Are Fully Consistent With Our Laws’

BLM Union Boss: So What if Kids Aren’t Learning Times Tables? They’re Learning Activism

Border Patrol Scrambles to Fill Gap in Wall Left by Biden Admin

Brexit’s Davis: Repeal Every Law Passed Under Coronavirus Emergency Act

Bring All The Troops Home: Stop Policing The Globe And Put An End To Endless Wars

Brooklyn Rabbi Financing Multiple Afghan ‘Refugee’ Rescue Missions

CA Gov. Newsom Wants Taxpayers to Spend $16.7M on ‘Cash Assistance’ for Afghans

Cali High School Teacher Reveals He’s Antifa, Turning Children Into Revolutionaries

California Requires Aztec Prayer in Schools, and Civil Rights Group Sues

Catholic Church to Ordain Communist-Friendly Bishop to Wuhan

Charlotte developer, great-grandson of a king, dies at 66

Chinese companies seek to reopen path for New York IPOs

Commerce shuts down security unit accused of racial profiling


Dark side of Bob Ross comes into focus in new documentary

Deloitte global revenue increases to $50.2B | Accounting Today

Demonic Spirit of the Globalists Demands the Blood of Saints

Dems Float National Plastic Tax to Pay for $3.5 Trillion Budget

District Court Applies 5th Amendment to Aliens Outside the U.S.

Dr. Doom Lashes Out at Crowded College Football Stadiums

Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys the Official COVID Narrative

End of History: Virginia’s Robert E. Lee Statue Coming Down

Exclusive — Ken Paxton: No Way to Verify Vetting of Afghan Refugees

Experts Warn ISIS-K Planning To Exploit “Refugee” Wave To Send Terrorists To The West

Far-left D.C. Cardinal: Biden Departs from ‘Catholic Teaching’ on Abortion

Farage Predicts UK Won’t Join Biden’s America in War After Afghanistan

Fauci Caught Red Handed Funding COVID Research And Committing Perjury

Fears of 9/11-Style Attack Soar on Eve of 20th Anniversary

Rose McGowan Vows to Bring Down “Evil” Clintons

Federal Government Added 3,000 Employees in August

FL Ag Department: Expanded Mexican Imports Making FL Farmers Lose $2-$4 Bil

FL Man Indicted for Extortion of Matt Gaetz over Sexual Impropriety Allegations

FOIA Evidence Proves U.S. Funded Gain-of-Function Research In Wuhan

Foreign Secretary meets top US officials, holds talks on Indo-US ties, Afghanistan

Former France Defender Adams Dies After 39 Years in a Coma

Former Sen. Adlai Stevenson III Dies At 90

Four of Obama’s ‘Taliban Five’ Take Top Leadership Posts in Afghan Government55

French Supreme Court Charges Lafarge with “Crimes Against Humanity” For Funding ISIS In Syria

Fundamentally Transforming America

Gary Sinise Foundation Launches in S.D.

High Tech ‘Virtual Wall’ Being Installed Along Southern Border

Hiker dies after falling 50 feet from Pacifica trail

How The FBI’s War On Drugs Helped 9/11 Happen

Is the Left Losing Its Grip on California?

Kamala to Campaign for Newsom as World Burns


Aptera Looks Ahead to Manufacturing Phase

3rd Zumwalt stealth destroyer completes builder’s trials

A responsive launch capability will deter enemies, boost national sec

Amazon will open two Whole Foods stores without cash register next year

Apple cares about privacy, unless you work at Apple

Apple expected to unveil new iPhones at event Sept. 14

Apple’s data shows a deepening dependence on China as Trump’s tariffs loom

Apple’s App Store’s Next Legal Woes Could Be In India

Bad bots make up 40% of global internet traffic

Bay Area IT engineer found dead in WY mountains seemingly attempted solo climb

Big Tech Companies Mobilize To Disrupt TX Abortion Law

Carbon Nanotube Fibers Woven into Fabric Can Monitor Your EKG

Developer Goes After Apple In $200 bil Class Action

Eventbrite shrinks S.F. office space significantly and relocates HQ

Flights resume between San Jose and Reno

Exelixis executives Gisela Schwab, Jon Berndt have died

Germany wants Apple to offer iPhone updates for 7 year

Google commits to replenishing more water than it uses

Google working on ‘Human Presence Sensor’ for Chromebooks

JPMorgan buys majority stake in Volkswagen

Linus Torvalds: GitHub creates ‘absolutely useless garbage’ merges

NASA Confirms Mars Rover’s 1st Rock Sample Grab, 40 to Go

New Jersey Orders Cleanup of Non-Stick and Stain-proofing Chemicals

North America And Europe Lead Bitcoin ATM Charge

PayPal to acquire Japan’s Paidy for $2.7bn

Retro Gaming Room (its was a Yars’ Revenge type of night)

Rigidly Configured Recruitment Software Contributing to ‘Broken’ Hiring

Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge

Smoke detected in Russian module of space station – Roscosmos

The Amiga mini console is coming!

U.K. Govt Steps Up Assault on Encrypted Messaging Apps

USAAF Mustang is the newest addition to the Arcade Archives

Vallco fight: Cupertino says project approval about to expire

Whatcha been playing this week, Destructoid?


“Science of deliciousness” steak-and-coffee chips, developed by analysing human taste sensors

Countering China is top priority for Japan PM contender Kishida – Nikkei Asia

Doraemon Tokyo Banana appears in convenience stores nationwide

Filmmaker Takeshi Kitano’s Car Attacked by Man with Pickax

Fugaku Ranked World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Japan business lobby wants quarantine exemption for the vaccinated

Japan eyes use of vaccine passports for commercial activities

Japan Now Has Pancake Mochi Ice Cream

Japan Online Shopping Tops US$90 Billion

Japan’s next leader must keep Russia at a distance

Japanese singer, actor Gackt to take break due to voice disorder

Mochi ice cream ramen: Noodles will never be the same again

National Film Archive of Japan releases shocking historical videos of 1923 Earthquake

Nintendo takes over 7-11 Japan with Super Mario Bros themed menu of meals

Sanae Takaichi declares candidacy to lead Japan’s ruling LDP

School Students More Worried About Japan’s Future than Their Own

Suga’s exit deals a major blow to Japan’s opposition

US watches Japan’s leadership race, hoping for a stable partner

We buy chocolate fish in a can from a store in Akihabara | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

Yamaha Invests in US Startup Abundant Robotics

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