West Nile Virus is very common in Phoenix. Happens every year after big rains such as just occured a phew weeks ago.

Water vapor activates the virus, then people inhale it.

Every year.

Probably brought back to Silicon Valley by one of your H-1B job robber parasites travelling to Phoenix on business to help Google + Facebook set up their giant planned new data centers there.

You wanted a Phoenix H-1B job-rob so badly, and this is the result.

Don’t come crying to us now.

You can’t do Phoenix and not risk WNV.

To locals it’s no big deal.

It’s not big news because NASSCOM-controlled MSM doesn’t want Arizonans to wake up to the planned Indian Mafia invasion of Phoenix when Big Tech moves their data centers there. Shhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

NASSCOM phreaks control US MSM – and phony phrontman Phraudhwa too.

Or bit a job-robber when he traveled to Phoenix, most likely. Or the job-robber inhaled it. Mosquitoes aren’t the only vector. Either way, you’re all phucked.