Ro Khanna fuels unemployment of Americans by pushing for more Title 8 violators from other countries to steal American jobs at lower wages.

Thanks for admitting that, there Ro.

You’re correct there is no labor shortage – there’s a good jobs shortage.

Foreign workers now occupy all the good jobs – locking Americans out of them.

All Employment Growth Since 2000 Went to Immigrants

That’s 21 years of no jobs for American workers.

21 years.

In their own country.

How come unemployment is so high when armies of foreign imported workers promised to create jobs for Americans?

All this 4 percent unemployment bullshit out of the gov’t is a massive lie.

We’re in a Great Depression level of unemployment – maybe higher.

And then one of the clowns who caused this mess by flooding the US with armies of cheap foreign workers in the late 1990’s chimes in:

Robert Reich, right, in 1998 when he was then-President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor.

Anyone under the age of 35 today doesn’t remember the booming economy of the 1990’s.

Not pictured is Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan who, along with Reich and Clinton

flooded the US with millions of cheap foreign workers – destroying the US economy and driving

tens of millions of skilled Americans out of the US workforce, possibly forever. In a real country,

Reich, Clinton, and Greenspan would have been arrested for treason long ago. Instead, today

Reich writes books covering up his crimes on America and lecturing at Berkeley on how to “fix capitalism”.

Reich continues his open borders madness, which is also a violation of Federal law. Reich also holds a law degree.

Alan Greenspan Thinks White Collar Workers Earn Too Much

American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act

Cheap labor displacement of Americans by foreign workers is the prime cause of unemployment today.

And Khanna, Reich, and Clinton continue to push for more of the same.

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