Well that’s because Indians + Chinese are 100X the top job robbers and industrial spies in USA.

India + China are robbing the US blind.

It’s not Norwegians doing all this looting.

Don’t scream now after you stole Silicon Valley from Americans and drove 74 million Americans out of the US workforce in 20 years.

You should be getting punished 10X as much.

Be thankful we don’t send the US Army in and round you all up now.

If Americans did this in China or India they would be arrested and taken out back and shot in the head.


Epic Systems wins $940 mln U.S. jury verdict in Tata trade secret case | Reuters

Indian corporation pays record $34 million fine to settle allegations of systemic visa fraud and abuse of immigration processes | ICE


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Apple Secrets Thief Had Patriot Missile File

What Globalism Did Was to Transfer the US Economy to China