Too bad it’s not just a “theory”, but is in fact, true.

Looks like Mr. Lieu is a little upset that Americans are catching on that Asians are really here to replace Americans.

Is he working for China too? It sure appears that way.

We need a full investigation.

And is this really appropriate language for a US Senator?

Sounds more like Chinese street talk or Pompeo-hating Chinese Ambassadors.

Hit too close to home, and Crazy Racist Asians will snarl like a rabid, cornered dog.

Except that we’ve been here 400 years and built the country and you’ve only been here 40.

Asians are silently invading America. In 1970 there were a mere 1.5 million of them in the US.

Today, there are 23 million of them – a nearly 20X increase.

“More people who look like me” sure sounds racist to us.

Mr. Lieu just admitted that China’s real plan for America is silent invasion.

Thanks for that sterling piece of evidence, Mr. Lieu.

Apparently Chinese aren’t as smart as they think they are.

Federal law says we are more American than you.

In fact, we need to find out how you snuck into the country.

Were you an inadmissible alien who entered on false pretenses?

If you were, you’re not even allowed to work here.

Lieu has been very busy trying to stop investigations into the rampant Chinese industrial espionage going on all over the US.

Chinese Student Spies Overwhelm US

Ted Lieu leads effort to scrap Department of Justice’s investigations into Chinese influence

US says suspect in Apple case had classified Patriot missile file from Raytheon

Ex-Apple engineer arrested on his way to China, charged with stealing company’s autonomous car secrets

Foreign espionage

See also: List of Chinese spy cases in the United States

In 2015, Lieu called for a Justice Department investigation into the arrests of several Chinese-American scientists for espionage.[63] On February 13, 2018, in a Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing focused on Chinese espionage in the United States, Senator Marco Rubio asked FBI Director Christopher A. Wray about the risk posed by China’s students in advanced science and mathematics programs.[64][65] Lieu criticized Wray’s response as “irresponsible generalizations” implying that all Chinese students and scholars were spies.[66]

China did, Ted. We all know that.

Those millions and millions of votes were fake and were printed in China, then shipped into the US via Mexico + Canada.

That’s how it was stolen, Ted. Were you in on it, or are you just covering for the CCP?

We also know it was stolen by rigged electronic voting machines with software made by foreign companies including ones under the control of former communists from Venezuela (i.e. SmartMatic).

We also know China has been manipulating US politics since they put “Our man in Washington” Bill Clinton in office 30 years ago.

Don’t play dumb with us.

One has to really wonder why Lieu hates Trump so much, or why he continues to play dumb about how the election was stolen when there are mountains of evidence everywhere.

China Printed Millions of U.S. Ballots for Mississippi, Florida and North Carolina

Chinese Whistleblower: 5 Million Ballots Were Printed In China For US Election

Chinese Whistleblower Releases Video and Photos of Counterfeit Ballot Printing Operations

Chinese Shipping Receipt Found in Georgia Among Hundreds of Thousands of Shredded Ballots

Ballots printed in China, and a printer in MI with fraudulent ballots?

New Report Claims Massive Amount of Election Data Was “Deleted” and “Destroyed” By SOS’s Office and Dominion

A Petulant Rebellion