A decade after Jobs’ death, has  traded magic for profit?

Highly skilled + talented – at draining US tech companies built by Americans.

Of course it has.

There hasn’t been any new big innovation out of  since Steve died a decade ago.

That’s because the company is now filled up with mostly remittance parasites from India on H-1Bs draining the company.

 is India’s #1 pot-of-gold cookie jar for the looting.

Why didn’t all those highly talented foreign guest workers keep Apple innovative as promised?

Americans build the great US tech companies, Crazy Looting Asians move in and clean them out.

Apple hired 2,500 H-1B foreign job robbers just in 2021 alone. In 2019 they hired close to 2,000.

Welcome to the new face of tech in ‘Murica.


Apple inc Salaries

Asians move in, Silicon Valley checks out….

“Thanks for inventing all this great technology, Americans – because it’s ours now“.

Highly skilled + talented – at siphoning + destroying US tech companies built by Americans.

“Apple doesn’t innovate anymore” or “Steve Jobs is turning in his grave” are the type of disillusioned tweets that pop up especially during product launches led by Tim Cook, who took Apple’s reins in August 2011″.

And now you know why.

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