No wonder, since Modi now runs FB by remote control.

A friend who sent us the above article also sent us this:

“The same RSS / BJP referred to in the attached The Telegraph article are the same ones who have Unregistered Foreign Agents illegally operating in the US and meddling / interfering in our politics / elections to mostly help Democrats including Biden / Harris but the FBI / DOJ FARA Division appears to be ignoring instead of acting on the information / material and evidence I provided them.

I have even experienced some of the hate on Facebook from Hindu Extremist who at least appear to be RSS / BJP and may be from their IT Cells.

Some of the same accounts / user appear to frequently monitor Religious Liberty Advocate sites such as the USCIRF so if you make a statement that appears to be anti-Hindu (Exposing The Religious Persecution of Christians By Hindus) to them then they attack you with anti-Christian messages which are totally misinformation regarding Christianity especially forced conversions which there is no such thing in Christianity because being Christian requires a sincere confession of faith / belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God / Savior and  repentance /  a sincere change of the heart, mind and soul”.

Dangerous Nazi Hindtuva Indian racist running for office in Houston, TX