Foreign invader groups gang up on H-1B Harris to force DACA + Citizenship

We’re not even sure this is legal.

And it definitely constitutes harassment, if not economic terrorism.

These temporary guest workers and their kids are now ganging up on our politicians to be allowed to stay in the US forever and become citizens.

Doesn’t seem too……. temporary…. to us……

“mobilized underrepresented voters to participate in federal and state elections” is codeword for illegal non-constituents to vote illegally in our elections when they don’t even have green cards and aren’t allowed to vote.

Thanks for admitting you illegally helped to rig the 2020 election.

“Many of our organizations also mobilized underrepresented voters to participate in federal and state elections, including the 2020 election. Your campaign ran on the promise of delivering a pathway to citizenship within the first 100 days.  While we appreciate the action you have taken thus far, we reiterate that a large majority of our members, many of whom took action to turnout voters in 2020, deeply believe anything less than a pathway to citizenship is unacceptable”.

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