Indians just can’t give up on the idea of socialism.

They love it.

Indians are the biggest certified losers in the world – which is why they have to flood the west to steal jobs created by Americans – because they are unable to create an  or Microsoft in their own country.

India’s ambassadors fly around the world every week to attach themselves to foreign countries so they can invade and take over silently via “trade”. If you don’t believe us, just go check their Twitter accounts daily.

Trump was not in favor of abortion – in fact he was the first US President to attend the annual National Right to Life Convention. Abortion and its causing a lack of new consumers for greedy Wall St. is the prime reason the powers that be want to flood the US with foreign workers – that and cheap labor.

Sanders may talk a good game about restricting immigration, but if he were President, he’d be for open borders too.

The fact is, the US is being subjected to mass open borders international socialism today. Giving away US industries created by Americans to India, China, and Mexico is the biggest form of international socialism there is today.

Without productive countries such as the US to steal from, India and China would still be living in poverty.

When Socialism collapsed the eastern countries 30 years ago, then-Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev wrote a book called “Perestroika” – about how the “west must accept foreign workers”.

The H-1B program didn’t start until 1990 and didn’t get into high gear until 1998.

Before that, most US tech jobs were held by the US workers that created them.

The eastern communist countries collapsed in 1989 due to failed socialism.

The people who run this substack are ignorant of history – and of how the US economy works.

Reason Magazine’s CEO is a well-known proponent of more mass foreign H-1B invasion.

As for Peter Navarro – it’s a well known fact that China has stolen close to $100 trillion of US industry in the past 30 years.

Indians will defame and demonize anyone who gets in the way of their silent invasion + takeover agenda.

The failed parasites from India + China just don’t want anyone opposing their official narrative that their coming here is good for us – when in fact they’re robbing us blind.

Once you look deeper into Trump’s economic policy you realize that it comes from a certified loser called Peter Navarro. There is a reason why I am using the word “loser” here. It is in a literal sense. He tried to fight many elections as a democrat and lost every single one of them. There were times when he even managed to bring Hillary Clinton to campaign for him and lost with record margins.

“He eventually started writing investment books, the airport literature category and later shifted to anti-china books. He wrote under a pseudonym and quotes himself in other books”

What Globalism Did Was To Transfer The US Economy To China –

Why This H-1B Visa Thing is Bulls**t | Thom Hartmann

But don’t worry – they’re not here to “take your jobs”.