Once again we see that Asians do not merely want assimilation and to be American – they want America for themselves to the exclusion of everyone else.

Let temporary job robbers in on work visas, and before you know it, they’re manipulating your universities and politics to benefit them only.

Anyone who does not think we are in a race war is a delusional fool.

How can the UCSD admin even consider allowing this blatant racism?

But don’t worry – white people are the racists.


“A group of UC San Diego students is lobbying city officials to sever the university’s longtime political and social ties to La Jolla, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Supporters want the school to align with the Convoy District and nearby areas with significant Asian populations.

Census data received last month show that there have been large enough population shifts since 2011 to require boundary changes for some of San Diego’s nine council districts. If the lines were left alone, the most populated district—northern coastal District 1—would be 13% larger than the least populated district—southeastern District 4″.