Yep. They sure don’t want Americans catching on to how racist they are, or their systematic removal of Americans from the US workforce.

As is typical, Indian recruiters use fake American names to avoid detection, ask Americans for their resumes, paste Indians’ names on them, and then send them in for the jobs – resume theft + fraud.

All of it is massive fraud – criminal activity.

iPlace has been doing mass H-1B visa fraud for years. If you look at the banner on their homepage you can see CEO Hank Levine surrounded by 100s of Indians.

iPlace is obviously not only in violation of EEOC laws and rules, but it is also doing mass H-1B visa fraud by flying in 1000s of inadmissible aliens from India to place at US jobs – a direct violation of Title 8 of US law.

Where is the US gov’t?

Where is the Dept. of Justice? Where is the DOL + FBI?

Levine must be arrested for fraud immediately.

This is the prime reason Americans can’t find jobs in America folks1000s of these RICO India Inc staffing companies doing H-1B visa fraud and Title 8 violations to displace Americans from the workforce.

And this is going on all over America.

Call your congresspeople and demand an end to all foreign work visas now.