Must be some of those infamous “3,000 NASA H-1B Indian scientists” we keep hearing about the US can’t live without.

Federal research grants are one of the biggest cookie jars Indians in the US lust after.

If you’re going to do federal grant fraud in the US, the IRS at least wants its cut, dammit.

“A Gaithersburg, Maryland, husband and wife, Vishesh Giri, 45, and Ana Veronica Giri, 49, pleaded guilty on September 30 and Oct. 15, 2021, respectively, to engaging in a kickback scheme in which they unlawfully received money related to a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) grant program and to conspiring to defraud the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by not paying income taxes on the kickbacks they received”.

So much for all the fake green card backlogged Indian screamers on Twitter constantly screaming they are all legal and pay taxes.

We’re being looted by these parasites, folks.