Top News Organizations Run Huawei-Sponsored Puff Pieces

People, we need new laws banning foreign entities from hiring US PR firms to pump propaganda lies into our media.

India’s NASSCOM did the same thing back in the 90’s – defaming US tech workers saying they weren’t smart enough or good enough – even though Americans created Silicon Valley.

“Some of the country’s most prominent news organizations have partnership deals with telecom giant Huawei, which the U.S. government considers a national security risk because of links to the Chinese government.

The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Reuters, and Politico have all published news-style pieces commissioned by the Chinese telecom giant to advance its interests, according to a Washington Free Beacon review. Since July, Reuters has published two sponsored articles touting Huawei’s investments in the United Kingdom. The Journal has published 14 sponsored articles since last year, while Wired has hosted virtual events sponsored by the tech giant. Politico ran pro-Huawei content last year. The articles disclose that Huawei sponsors the content, though the company’s ties to the Chinese government may not be apparent to readers”

Thomas L. Friedman: India, China are fast becoming THE places to work – Deseret News

No one wants to live in hellish polluted India. And no one wants to live in China. In fact, if you’re not Chinese, the odds of you getting a job in China are slim to none. Looks like Tom Friedman is a paid PR shill too.

Paid PR lies defaming American tech workers is India’s middle name.

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