We always suspected CATO + its agent David Bier had been paid to push their rabid open-borders agenda.

Now 100% all-Indian Immigration Voice has been caught red-handed admitting to such.

Why are non-resident, non-voters allowed to form PACs in the US and buy the influence they want in US media?

These racist RICO organizations must be shut down now.

Lobbyist Alleges Cato Institute ‘Mercenaries’ Are Paid to Push Pro-Immigration Studies


“Pro-immigration research papers published by the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, are not independent, but designed to meet the needs of lobbying clients, according to allegations in a Telegram message obtained by Chronicles. Aman Kapoor, president of the advocacy group Immigration Voice (IV), alleged that Cato Research fellow David Bier was paid by IV to write pro-immigration papers, and that Bier is “like mercenaries (sic), working to push the agenda of the highest bidder.

The research Kapoor claims Bier did at his behest centered on the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, the first version of which was introduced to Congress in 2011. It would eliminate provisions in immigration law designed to prevent countries like India that send large numbers of immigrants from monopolizing a limited number of green cards. The bill would also be a boon to tech companies that discriminate against American workers in hiring and employment to exploit cheap labor from abroad. Indeed, Facebook recently settled for $14.25 million in a Justice Department case that alleged the company had intentionally dissuaded Americans from applying for positions it had set aside for visa workers. Bier denounced the Justice Department lawsuit as baseless. “A settlement to scare people even though the claims are absurd,” he tweeted.”


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