You mean not counted instead of not looking.

When the Indian Mafia flooded Wall St. and caused the 2008 collapse, the DOL simply changed the way they count “unemployed” – if you’re out of the workforce more than 6 months, you’re not counted.

The Labor Force Participation Rate tells the real numbers: roughly 2/3 of the working age American population is no longer in the labor force.


Not surprisingly, that is the exact number of all jobs in the US that went to foreign workers since 2000.

The US economy is now occupied by foreign powers. American citizens are merely bystanders in their own country now.

There are only 165,000,000 jobs total in the US.

If you are American, why would you bother looking for a good job when all you face at hiring time is mass armies of

racist Indians consuming 99% of all jobs in America?

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