GA Labor Commission candidate Kartik Bhatt: I want to ensure that hard-working Georgians are financially independent

Not if they’re non-Indian Georgian tech workers, you don’t.

Since 95% of tech workers in USA have been overrun + displaced by armies of invading India Inc looters, Americans aren’t about to be financially independent.

They’ll be lucky if they don’t freeze to death in tents.

The clown is lying.

InfoSys and other India Inc loot shops opened huge offices in Atlanta – driving millions of American tech workers from their jobs in GA.

See how that works – The Indian Mafia places their agents in key labor posts such as the Labor Commission so that if US tech workers file complaints against India Incs for racism, they will simply be ignored and dismissed.

India Inc gains full control over the labor market – and no one can enforce any EEOC rules or Civil Rights on the Indian Mafia takeover.

Don’t trust a word these thieves say for one second.

This is another India Inc rig.

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