India is busy jamming its industrial spies into SpaceX so it can steal its tech.

In a year or so, expect news articles out of India saying “India’s indigenous reusable rocket tech….”.

Kumar Exclusive warned us about the Reddy caste of India and how evil they are.

Federal TSRA laws prohibit any foreign workers from working in US companies which involve rocket or missile tech.

The looter is pissed he couldn’t steal SpaceX technical documents + send them back to India.

“A former SpaceX engineer in Florida has accused the company of racial discrimination, alleging that other employees in the same role were given training and documentation unavailable to him.

Ajay Reddy filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s space-exploration company in federal District Court in Orlando earlier this month. The court issued a summons to the company on Tuesday.

The complaint accused SpaceX of race discrimination, national origin discrimination, retaliation, and breach of contract”.

“But Reddy claimed that when he asked for similar training, he was denied access, according to his lawsuit. Reddy felt “humiliated and isolated, and his work performance was sabotaged,” as a result, according to the lawsuit”.

No – the American engineers probably just didn’t want to help any racist Indian, whom, they knew given the chance would flood the company with armies of job-robbers from India and throw all the American workers out in the streets. No one wants to cooperate with these thieves in US companies.

Did someone scream national origin discrimination? Welcome to Silicon Valley.

Armies of racist Indian invaders have been isolating American workers for decades.

Where is the EEOC?