A Bay Area news outlet + Jon Feere of CIS blow the lid off the mass foreign student fraud going on in the US.

These people are stealing our industries + doing mass student visa fraud.

This is human trafficking + labor market manipulation folks – a Federal crime.

Another India Inc H-1B fraud shop getting away with economic murder.

“Could be exploiting vulnerabilities to steal US technology”? Our tech companies are FULL of them.

Worse, now ICE is covering up the massive fraud by no longer publishing the data.

Welcome to IIS-IT

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We know India Inc bizspeak bullshit when we see it:

“Innovative Intelligent Solutions(IIS) is a global IT services provider based in Texas & California. IIS offers services and Consulting solutions across various domains. Since its inception in 2006, we have worked closely with large organizations to help them enhance business by providing efficient and cutting-edge solutions. By emphasizing its strengths in close customer relationships, highly flexible operations, seamless culture, and deep knowledge of companies and markets, IIS helps its customers to achieve high-end results”.

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Most of these foreign criminal frauds got into the US on either student visas, or

H-1B/H4/L-1 work visas. Most of them a frauds. So are their companies. Millions of US workers are being driven out

of the Bay Area and tech by these armies of criminal invaders. US Congressman Ro Khanna, himself an Indian, is

enabling the fraud. Under US law it is illegal for any foreign student to file for a green card, but millions of them do.

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