Don’t let those Americans catch on that we’re doing mass H-1B visa fraud all over their country!

Not only are foreign workers who depress wages inadmissible aliens under Title 8 of US law, they’re also destroying the lives of millions of Americans.

Once again we see that the India Incs are nothing more than mass RICO crime shops.

Any Indian who tells you they don’t work for less than Americans in America is flat-out lying to you.

Call your congresspeople now and demand an end to all these criminal foreign work visa programs.

“By David North on November 23, 2021

Cognizant Solutions, an outsourcing firm that hires most of its foreign workers in India, is the largest user of H-1B workers in the nation, beating Amazon by two to one. And it pays these workers about $50,000 less a year than Amazon does.

Cognizant has just agreed in a federal court to pay various current and former stockholders a total of $95 million to handle charges that it behaved badly (outside the labor market), apparently both in India and in the U.S.

Meanwhile your correspondent may become the passive recipient of $70 or so as a result of the court settlement (more on that calculation later.) This is a complex story and confirms my suspicions that some firms using our immigration laws to lower labor costs and exclude U.S. workers may often be cheating in other ways as well. It certainly was true in this case.

The Company. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation is an American organization, spun out of Dun and Bradstreet 27 years ago, with headquarters in Teaneck, NJ, a few miles west of New York City. It trades on the NASDAQ exchange. The firm was founded in 1994 by Francisco D’Souza, and Kumer Mahadeva, of Indian and Sri Lankan descent, respectively; its president is Brian Humphries, an Irishman. Its business model, much like that of India-based Infosys and Tata, is to hire workers, largely IT people, and then rent them out to other corporations, like Facebook and Walt Disney. Its dollar volume in 2020 was in excess of $16 billion, according to Wikipedia“.

SEC Charges Cognizant + 2 Former Execs e FCPA Violations