Well, that didn’t take long……

1 week after the 2020 election, US Trade Rep. Katherine Tai promised “American workers will have a seat at the table on trade”.

Has she met with American workers yet on trade?


Has there been any interviews or videos of her discussing trade with American workers?


More lies as usual, fraud foreign agents pretending to be US politicians.

10 months later, she’s off to Asia – in particular India, where she is falling all over herself to do India’s bidding.

The interviewer doesn’t even try to hide the fact that the US Congress now does the will of the Indian gov’t – not the will of the American people.

Katherine Tai is a puppet and a fraud.

Note the endless buzzword bullshit bizspeak words used to cover up India’s true motive: full open borders in the US for armies of invading floods of job-robbing workers, and no limits – a Free Trade Agreement.

She must have said “um….” 200 times during the interview.

This woman is nothing more than a little girl who has been coached what to say.

If America signs a FTA with India, we can guarantee you American workers will not be allowed to move to India to take jobs.

Of course US Chamber of Commerce VP Nisha Biswal was in on the interview – because she spends all day, every day using the power of the Chamber to promote India + push for more unlimited job-robbers from India to come in and loot US jobs.

Why is the US Chamber of Commerce VP, who is of Indian descent, focused solely on India?

More looting scams from India to rip off the US economy.

Most of our pols are working for our enemies, folks.

We’ve made this little codeword bizspeak dictionary to clear up any confusion:

“I had to make India part of this trip” – India tells the US what to do.

“From the business community here” – India Inc mafia staffing companies that rob American jobs.

“Renenergize the trade partnership, maybe hold more regular consultations” – we’re going to demand a meeting every month to make sure you’re doing what we tell you to do.

“Enhancing current trade opportunities” – give us even more H-1B visas.

“This has always been a relationship with immense potential” – no it hasn’t. The US wouldn’t even trade with India before 1997. We heard “this relationship” had immense potential in 1998 when the US opened trade with India, but after 23 years, all it has done is moved millions of US jobs to India, and sent tens of millions of Americans into tents in the streets. Immense potential for India, destruction for the US.

“What we really need to do is adapt our engagement to each other” – India wants all of America’s industries, and wants to see America broke and poor. Adaptations like that.

“Opportunities for collaboration” – let India’s people in, displace American workers, train Indians, then move the jobs back to India. “Collaboration” like that.

“Areas which you feel are irritants, which are holding back the relationship” – Oh, maybe stealing Silicon Valley from Americans who created it, occupying it for close to 25 years, getting trained by Americans, moving most of the jobs back to India, destroying the US economy, not opening India up to American workers as promised in this globalized market. You know, mass industrial theft – little irritants such as those.

“We end up locking horns” – yep – because India is mass-looting American industry – while India gets everything from the relationship, America doesn’t get jack out of it.

“Opportunities we have to strategically align with each other” – India is deceiving the US – ripping off all our tech + industry, including our defense tech, moving it back to India where it can be strategically sold to China + Russia, and empowering America’s enemies to the point that the US can be conquered before it realizes what a blunder it’s made.



US-India Trade Policy: dumping tens of millions of Indian job-robbers into America to take over the country and

displace as many Americans as possible. There are 3X more unemployed people in India as there are jobs in America.

And every last one of them wants to come here.

No diversity + inclusion in Indian workplaces.

Nisha Biswal‘s own Twitter banner shows what a racist she is.

Indians don’t even try to hide their systemic racism.