Indian Mafia steals Twitter

As has happened at so many other successful US tech companies created by Americans, the Indian Mafia has announced that the next CEO of Twitter to succeed Jack Dorsey is Indian.

The racist systematic removal of white CEOs from US tech companies should be the most alarming thing to the US gov’t, but instead it is silent.

This is a massive national security issue as a foreign power – India – steals our most valuable companies.

Not to mention being totally racist.

Indians lust after prestige and position – something they can never achieve on their own – only being able to gain it by taking over what others have created.

India simply does not want a single US tech company existing that it does not control.

You can bet new heavy anti-white censorship will be the order of the day now @ Twitter.

“It is now confirmed that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will be leaving the company for the second time and this time may be permanent but the other confirmation is that CTO Parag Agrawal will succeed him”.

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