 + Silicon Valley being used to build Chinese economy

Failed loser China – unable to create or build anything of its own – needs to steal Silicon Valley in order to be productive.

Cook probably made deals like this with failed loser India too.

Now you know why millions of American workers who built Silicon Valley have been thrown out, and replaced by failed losers from India + China.

Problem is, Silicon Valley’s success cannot be quantified and repeated – it was the result of a unique combination of determined individuals, inspiration, and decades of hard work.

Asians in general will never do anything out of love for the work. They are only interested in something if there’s $ in it.

And Silicon Valley’s $ was only a result of American workers who loved doing tech work.

China + India see Silicon Valley as a resource to be exploited – and that is all.

Without American innovation, Silicon Valley has no future – and hence neither do China or India.

Both countries live off America like the parasites that they are.

So much for “tech geniuses of Asia”.

No such thing.

Mass organized industrial thieves is more like it.

Now that America has been exhausted, where will Asian parasites get their next meal?

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