How H-1B Guy is subverting the US Immigration System

How The H-1B Guy is disrupting the antiquated U.S. Immigration System


You mean subverting, don’t you?

We have laws in this country.

Subversion is a Federal crime.

Where is the DOJ + FBI?

H-1B Guy is engaging in Bringing in and harboring certain aliens in violation of US law, as well as violating Title 8 of Federal law, which in all cases protects American workers from illegal foreign competition.

The system is only “antiquated” if you’re a cheap labor enabler looking to profit and exploit cheap foreign labor for your own profit.

We have the immigration system we have for a reason: to protect Americans from foreign predators.

“Over 300,000 skilled immigrant workers apply for the H-1B lottery each year. This process only grants 85,000 opportunities to apply, and guarantees nothing, which leaves many skilled workers in a state of constant limbo, anxiety, and uncertainty”.

Except they’re not skilled and not immigrants. H-1B is a non-immigrant work visa for 3 years. These people are never supposed to stay here permanently.

Millions of foreign H-1B workers have displaced American workers from their jobs and careers forever.

Some Americans have even died due to the H-1B visa program.

Under Title 8 of Federal law inadmissible aliens are not even allowed to enter the US for work is Americans are unemployed.

Right now millions of Americans are unemployed.

Robert Bouchard and his henchmen are engaging in RICO and crime – violating and subverting our immigration laws.

Bouchard is lying. H-1B visas do not create jobs – they enable other countries, mainly in Asian, to steal American jobs + industries, illegally replace American workers in US companies, and take over and occupy Silicon Valley and most American tech companies. All this “H-1Bs create jobs” is obviously a lie since we now have tent cities in America full of millions of unemployed Americans who were displaced from their jobs by inadmissible aliens.

It has been well-documented that H-1Bs are destroying our economy.

Often these “staffing companies” take illegal kickbacks and payments from India Inc staffing companies to file for fraudulent visas. Nearly all foreign staffing companies are doing it.

Total crime.

Like most fraud “staffing companies” bringing in inadmissible aliens, and harboring aliens, Bouchard is just another typical run-of-the-mill criminal getting away with economic murder of Americans.

One really has to wonder what Bouchard’s motives are + whom he is actually working for.

Contact the FBI + DOJ and demand Bouchard’s arrest immediately. This is criminal activity.


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