RSC Chair Jim Banks introduces bill to reform H-1B visa program, protect American tech workers

You will never protect American tech workers if there is no enforcement, and if the 1000s of India Inc H-1B fraud shops all over American aren’t shut down.

We need enforcement, Mr. Banks, not talk. We need arrests, we need handcuffs + deportations.

India + China are stealing our tech companies. Millions of American workers are being displaced from the companies they created.

“The head of the Republican Study Committee is introducing a bill to reform the controversial H-1B visa program to stop what critics say is the use of the program by Big Tech companies to undercut the wages of American tech workers.

The “American Tech Workforce Act of 2021,” introduced by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., builds on a Trump-era push to reform the guest worker program for high-skilled workers. The program has been dogged by claims that Big Tech companies use it to import cheaper foreign tech workers to replace their more expensive American counterparts. Proponents of the program reject those claims and say that the program is used to fill gaps in the labor market

Finally, the legislation would also limit the ability of companies to partner with third-party companies to fill H-1B visa spots“.

And check out some of the comments:

“Need to put a check on companies like Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, IBM etc. They get US contracts but outsource everything. Most of the federal government jobs are this way too”.

In fact, many of the foreign tech workers are nothing more than a body in a seat. Very little skills. Trust me I know from experience.

I’ve had to deal with so many of them. The language barrier is the crutch they use. They do that few a few months, and then once things get going on a project, you realize they are not what they claimed to be”.

Bingo. India Incs are using our own visa programs to steal our industries and move them back to India.

Mass theft, people.

Massive looting fraud.

Yes we are. It’s our country, we built the industry, and you didn’t. It’s you who are not worthy.

Especially since most of the companies you take over die in the end anyway.

Thieves from Asia have broken into America.

We can assure you – Indians did not build Silicon Valley as they claim.

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