UK energy company files suit against Wipro for $41 mil

Yes folks it’s that time again.

No, not Christmas – it’s India Inc Wipro fraud time again.

Just as they did when they destroyed Lehman on Wall St in 2008, and when they got sued by US Grid for faking fraud workers who screwed everything up, now loot-man Azim Premji has claimed another victim.

Anyone who hires these loser fraud is committing organizational suicide.

Crime boss Premji, who went on US national TV years ago and defamed US workers saying “America does not have the talent”, has once again been proven to be a liar and a criminal. Defamation is a crime under US law, but Premji sees nothing wrong with it.

No, Mr. Premji, as this case and others show it is India which does not have the talent.

“BENGALURU: UK-based renewable energy supplier Drax…”

Lehman snaps deal with Wipro

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

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