How India’s engineers have permeated tech in America


You mean stole don’t you?

All those big tech companies they work at were built by Americans.

The H-1B program is a theft fraud takeover silent invasion program for India.

And thanks for admitting that racist Indians now have most US tech jobs – in violation of EEOC rules, in violation the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in violation of Title 8.

Call your congresspeople now and demand and end to all foreign work visa programs.

Never before has a single American industry been allowed to be taken over and dominated on US soil by one foreign race.

But that is exactly what is happening in tech in the US – and it is totally illegal.

This is illegal.

In 1998 tech in America was 98% white Americans – Americans who spent 80 hours a week building the industry.

We need to stop India’s theft of our industry now.

The US gov’t continues to do nothing about this mass industrial theft.

How India’s engineers have permeated tech in America

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