Congressman Introduces H-1B Reform Bill to Protect American Workers

The lives of millions of American tech workers have been under assault by criminal India Inc staffing companies illegally flying in inadmissible aliens to undercut the wages of American workers – since the end of the 1990’s.

India Incs are organized crime.

These parasites who have stolen Silicon Valley were never supposed to be here long-term. They were supposed to be temporary workers to augment the US workforce – not take over and steal Silicon Valley, which was built by Americans.

We now have America’s most valuable industry occupied and stolen by foreign powers.

For decades.

“As the tech industry has grown and become more powerful, and created enormous wealth for executives, American workers in the sector have largely seen their wages stagnate. The main driver of this phenomenon is the H-1B nonimmigrant visa, Big Tech’s preferred cheap foreign labor program. Advocates of unlimited immigration describe H-1Bs as “the best and brightest” or “high skilled”, but those are mischaracterizations. Under the law, an H-1B is a nonimmigrant status that allows an alien to work in the United States in a specialty occupation, meaning a job that typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

“Big Tech is setting aside some of the most lucrative and valuable career opportunities in America and giving them exclusively to foreign guest workers. They’re cutting out Americans to save a few bucks. It’s domestic outsourcing.

“This shocking disregard for American workers and their role in our nation’s future is unpatriotic. We must fix Big Tech’s incentives, so they begin putting Americans first,” Banks added.”


The original cosponsors of the American Tech Workforce Act include Republican Reps. Mary E. Miller (Ill.-15), Madison Cawthorn (N.C.-11), Eric A. “Rick” Crawford (Ark.-01), Steven M. Palazzo (Miss.-04), Kevin Hern (Okla.-01), Austin Scott (Ga.-08), Michael Burgess (Texas-26), Joe Wilson (S.C.-02), Dan Meuser (Penn.-09), Beth Van Duyne (Texas-24), Doug LaMalfa (Calif.-01)”.

The New H-1b Visa Bill And What It Could Mean For Indians

For Indians? Why are Indians so racist? And why is an entire tech visa program and Silicon Valley itself dominated by one foreign race on US soil. This isn’t even allowed in any other industry anywhere in America.

In fact, it’s illegal under 3 Federal laws including EEOC rules.

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H-1B Program Facilitates Blatant Racial Discrimination

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