Bernie Sanders shills for more cheap foreign doctors

Communist Democrat Comrade Bernie Sanders Says He'd Ignore Congress Over Immigration, Use ...

Our “healthcare system” is “dysfunctional” mainly because many of the big Wall St. healthcare companies have bought up many hospitals + doctors’ offices in America and are using them as profit centers – and the prime component in that profit is cheap foreign labor.

Most of the US healthcare system is now interested in cycling through as many patients as possible and billing their insurance – not in making sick people well.

Follow the $.

According to campaign finance data, Sanders took huge sums of $ from some of the worst H-1B violators in America: Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Boeing – and from Kaiser Permanente – a US healthcare corporation which was recently taken over by India Inc outsourcers who now run it. He even took $91,000 from the State of CA.

Kaiser has been trying to silence and cover up their cheap labor fraud crimes for years.

Bernie Sanders is a complete hypocrite and a fraud.

Indian-infested Kaiser goes after US Tech Workers

Indian American C J Bhalla New CFO + Senior VP Kaiser Permanente Northern CA

Two Unmatched-Doctor Advocacy Groups Are Tied to Anti-Immigrant Organizations | Kaiser Health News

That’s odd, because that coincides with 1998 – the first year the H-1B visa caps were raised to 115,000 by Robert Reich and Bill Clinton. In 1998 the visa caps were raised again to 195,000 as foreign staffing firms from India flew in 100,000’s of cheap illegal foreign workers to displace skilled Americans from jobs.

It’s not “anti-immigrant” to demand law enforcement. All foreign workers are inadmissible aliens under US law if they displace American workers, or keep them out of the workforce.

Bernie could care less. His Twitter feed is probably handled by a staffer who pumps out what Americans want to hear. But we can assure you, his agenda is the exact opposite of what Americans want.

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