‘Do Well To Heed Alan Greenspan’s Words’

Well the last time we did that – in the 90’s, we had a booming economy, until Greenspan, Bill Clinton who was then president, and his communist henchman, Robert Reich rigged the labor markets to drive wages down and get rid of most good jobs in America.

Along with Chinese agent Tom Friedman, these 3 criminals sold the US a bill of goods and promised America globalization would be good for us.

The opposite has happened.

Americans have woken up to the crimes foisted on them by these lunatics, and now the criminals are getting a bit uneasy about the chickens coming home to roost.

Listening to Greenspan is a lot like shooting yourself in the head with a .45.


Alan Greenspan Thinks White Collar Workers Earn Too Much

Incredibly, both looters are still scheming today how to collude to rig labor markets.

Rigging markets in the US is a Federal crime. Why are these men still walking around scott-free?

Clinton-Greenspan: Restoring Economic Growth

As long as you continue to flood the US labor market with armies of cheap foreign labor, who displace American workers, and as long as you enable the movement of US industry offshore, you will never “restore economic growth”.

Bob Reich is busy writing books trying to cover up his crimes.

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