$18M Grant to Infosys creating “nightmare” in Hartford

India’s idea of “diversity + inclusion”. Where is the EEOC?

CT just had its economy looted by Indian crime shop InfoSys, scammed and conned by Ravi Kumar, InfoSys president.

InfoSys still holds the US record for US visa fraud, but the RICO company is still allowed to operate in CT and all over America.

We’re being looted by criminal predators from India folks.

They pick an American industry to target, promise to “create jobs”, then move armies of their people in on H-1B, get them trained, and then move all the jobs back to India.

Mass industrial theft and looting by the world’s biggest criminal nation on earth – India.


“chase Americans out of the company”.

Racist Indians are sabotaging Americans at work.

This has been going on all over Silicon Valley for decades – now it’s spreading to the rest of America.

It happened at Adobe in 2006, at Apple when it teamed up with job rob shop Deloitte (which is run by an Indian CEO), at Intel, which is now dying due to Indian Mafia fails, and at Amazon, which is now almost all foreign workers.

Our industries are being looted by foreign powers folks.


“These people will find any and everything to try and lay you off over without providing actual help to let you grow or learn within the company, ” one reviewer said. “They only care about the Indians. If you’re a different race, they’ll file shady ways to get rid of you.”

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