Intel “robs Apple” of the main architect of the M1 chip

Oh gosh, look at that – he’s an American – not a foreign worker.

Intel had to shitcan its Indian head of chip design, after the fatass sat on his butt and coasted off the work of Americans at Intel for years.

Intel is dying, as is India Inc-invaded Boeing – and Intel knows it.

It’s solution? Steal the head M1 CPU chip designer from Apple – who revolutionized PC architecture by combining many components such as RAM into the CPU – eliminating or speeding up many system buses and shrinking the overall size of modern Macs.

Intel is a failing, sinking ship, and H-1B criminal CEO Pat Gelsinger is doing anything he can to try to save the POS.

Expect a lawsuit from Apple.

Just goes to show – it’s American engineers who do the best work, not faking frauds from India who move in and live off the work of Americans.

America doesn’t need more parasite foreign workers, they need our jobs.

Where are all the loud-mouthed braggart Indians now? They are always claiming Silicon Valley will “collapse” without them, but the truth is it is collapsing because of them.

Like Boeing, Intel now appears to be quietly dumping all its failed Indian invaders and bringing back Americans it replaced years ago.

Here comes an American engineer to save Intel’s bacon all you frauds……..

Intel’s Stock Crashes as Visa Worker Population Rises

“Investors are now expressing concerns about Intel’s “human capital” decisions, asserting that Intel has lost it’s “most inspiring and talented chip designers”

‘Maybe if Congress would reform H1B, Intel would hire an American instead of an underpaid temp worker from India for decades’

‘What incentive is there for Americans to pursue IT when they are actively being displaced by their foreign replacements on H-1B visas?’

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Incredibly, Intel is still contemplating building a wafer fab in India – thanks to a $10 billion bribe from the Indian gov’t.

There are gluttons for punishment, and then there’s Intel.

Intel Welcomed to India by IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw as Firm Welcomes Centre’s Decision on Semiconductors

India’s $10B USD investment in chip manufacturing has Intel’s attention | PC Gamer

Intel interested in setting up Indian wafer fab

Intel Planning Semiconductor Manufacturing Unit in India As Govt Rolls Out Incentives

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