Foul-mouthed foreign invader tells displaced US tech workers to “FUCK OFF”

“Struggling” is a term foreign thieves use to justify the theft of US industries built by Americans. Welcome to Silicon Valley. Without white people none of these people would have jobs.

It’s not “white privilege” if someone worked 80 hours a week for 25 years to earn it.

This is the trash we’re importing folks – these invaders hate us.

US law guarantees US jobs to Americans first. Period. It’s the law, and these parasites have no say in the matter.

It’s not our fault your own country is a failure. Why does America want more failures such as you?

Temporary guest workers from The Land That Time Forgot are the ones who are “privileged” – breaking into America under fraudulent pretenses, kicking Americans out of their jobs, and never leaving when agreed to.

If you dare demand Industrial Theft Justice, they’ll scream oppression and sob stories – as they steal your industries and laugh in your face.

Where were you parasites when we were building Silicon Valley and the modern world?

You were nowhere to be found.

Now that we built it, you stole it. You’re not “struggling”. You’ve never had it so good – off the backs of Americans who are now living in tents because you stole their birthright.

Blood and soil and Michael Savage likes to say.

Don’t be guilted by these 3rd world thieves who are here to rob us folks. Stand up for what is yours.

Meanwhile US vets and American homeless are dying in the streets because they have been displaced out of the US workforce by these invaders.

“Work hard” and other lies: serve your country, get a job, work hard, and as a reward you will be kicked into the street

so some lazy foreign invader can break into your country and steal your birthright.

They sure are “struggling”.

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